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New, here! *waves*

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  • New, here! *waves*

    I was referred here from Whedon Info because of the terrible loss of Buffy World. *sob* I'm a huge fan of all things BTVS/ATS, but I'm also too poor to buy the DVD's. My sister bought me BTVS S2 for Christmas, and my brother bought me S7, but that's all I have. *sigh* Otherwise, I just have syndicated reruns if I'm lucky enough to catch them and the amazingly written fanfiction in this fandom of ours.
    Not Horny or Randy. Just DFAS Giles.

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    Hi DFAS Giles!! (Love your name BTW!!) I always love the Spike and Giles spar with each other!

    Welcome to BF!! !!
    "At that point I'd love a fight and a heart to heart and then of course naughtiness and happy ever after."
    - Dorian's Kitten re: Spuffy Reunion

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      Welcome to BF dfasgiles !!!!!!!!!! Hope you have fun on here.
      T _A _T _E _R _S'____ W _O _R _L _D

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        Thanks for the welcome! I added to your reputation points for being so neighborly--and especially for going the extra mile and giving me feedback on my username! Thanks, btw. I came up with it because Randy Giles was already taken in every way, shape, and form, so I thought of the abbreviation of "Desperate for a Shag Giles" instead.
        Not Horny or Randy. Just DFAS Giles.


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          Hey there Welcome to Buffy Forums. I the episode Tabula Rasa, and I love your name. So creative

          Have fun

          ♥ He never got out of the cockadoodie car! ♥


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            Welcome to BuffyForums, we're glad you're here! Have lots of fun discussing Buffy and everything else! (Yes, the username and avatar are hilarious. )
            Buffy: It sounds like it's difficult for you. Maybe your sister makes it hard for you to establish your own identity. You said she's controlling, she doesn't let you make your own decisions -
            Dawn: Yeah, and she borrows my clothes without asking.


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              Welcome Home! How could anyone not love "desperate for a shag Giles?" Because, of course, he usually is!

              Miss Buffy no more - IMHO, this place is much, much better than the old place! Happy posting!

              In case you haven't guessed, I'm Cinderela, a *very* unnoficial cheerleader for being here where it's all homey and so many of our friends from BW are now living!


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                Hi and welcome to Buffy Forums! Glad you found your way here!

                Please read the posting rules and guidelines and our FAQ! Thank you.

                Happy posting!