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Hi guys, I've missed this

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  • Hi guys, I've missed this

    Hi everyone
    I've recently read the post about all those accounts being deleted. Mine was one of them
    For ages I couldn't log into BW and when trying to reset my password it said my email address wasn't recognised. I emailed Mark twice but he hasn't gotten back to me.
    Never mind. I'm just glad I bookmarked this forum.
    I think it's a real, real shame that members accounts were deleted and now they have to start again from scratch.
    I hope those members whose accounts were deleted come and join here. I would be sad if this forum became deserted.
    At the moment I can't even get the BW page to come up, instead it directs me to an Ebay page where a user is selling ''daillies''?
    I'm looking forward to building up my number of posts and reputation points

    Love to you all

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    Welcome and good to have you here... BW is no more, but our new home is super comfy, so settle in and get posting!


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      Hi there

      Thankfully most members have moved to these forums now and everything is running smoothly!

      Mark lost interest in BW and the site is no more, it doesn't even exist; which is probably why he won't email you back and you're being directed to Ebay instead

      But these forums are just as good, even better and everyone is settling in really well here and establishing themselves again so it is great!

      Have fun and nice to see you!

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        I'm sooooo happy you found this place and welcome back. I like it here it is very homey and safe. I dont feel like any minute now the forum will shut down. Well yeah BW dead and gone, sad I know. Now we have here our new home. I love it. Hope to seee you around the Forum.
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          Hey starsky! Nice to see you here. Yeah, Mark took down BW, but we can get some of our resources elsewhere. Looking forward to seeing you on the forums! We'll probably have this one for a long time to come.
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            Welcome to the Buffy Forum Starsky!! Hope you enjoy your time here!!
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              Hello and welcome to Buffy Forums! Glad that you found your way here!

              Please check out the posting rules and guidelines and our FAQ! Thank you.


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                Welcome home! We are all settled here and Nikki is totally going above and beyond the call of duty managing all this - even looking into and giving us things we didn't even have at BW!

                We all love it here! (And of course love Nikki!)

                So, settle in and happy posting!