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  • Back from the grave

    Well, sorta. Mainly I just haven't been on buffy forums since before the server switch and I'm just finally getting my stuff together! I'm pretty sure no one remembers me, but I was always a HUGE Spuffy fan(and Willoz), and quite willing to defend it...

    I'm pleased to say, however, that despite still being a spuffy fan, I've also branched out into Bangel as well. I know they kind of butt heads, but I've really come to appreciate both those times in Buffy's life.

    Not that you should define me by my ship or anything...
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    Welcome to BF
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      Welcome to BF BloodyHell!!!! Nice to have you back with us. It's nice to see a Spuffy also like Bangel. It's rather refreshing actually. Have fun posting!
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        Welcome Again BloodyHell! Glad you got your "stuff" together and made it here!
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          Hey welcome "back" so to speak

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            Hello there. *offers bandages in case you had to claw your way out of a coffin*

            Always glad to see someone who likes both ships and doesn't all go "my ship is better than yours". I like both Buffy/Angel and Buffy/Spike myself and can't see why liking one should mean bashing the other.
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              Hey, Welcome back!
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                Hello, Lina. Welcome back.


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                  Welcome Back and enjoy the Forums. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!!!