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  • Hello, I'm new!

    Hello Everybody! My name is Erica and I stumbled onto this forum and joined, so I'm introducing myself! I love Buffy just like everyone else so I'm excited to be here!

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    Hello and welcome to BuffyForums! Glad you found your way here!

    Please check out our posting rules and guidelines and our FAQ. Thank you.

    Happy posting!


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      Hey there! Welcome to BuffyForums

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        Welcome to BF Erica!!!!!!! Have a great time posting on all things Buffy!
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          Welcome Have a great time here

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            Welcome, Erica! So tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you been a fan? Who are your favorite characters? Do you follow the comics? Or enjoy reading fan literature (fanfiction, meta, academic papers)?
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              Hey there, welcome! You don't also go by the username "greer", do you? I've seen that avatar before...

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                Hello everyone!
                Enisy, yes I am Greer on SlayAlive. My first name is Erica and my middle name is Greer, so I use them quite interchangably.

                Emmie(and everyone), I have been a fan for about 11 years, since I was a young one. My favorite characters(besides Buffy herself) are Spike, Tara, and Cordy(but only when she's in Angel). My favorite season out of both shows is Season 2 of Buffy. I am subscribed to Season 8 in comics so I've been following it from the beginning. I have a good bunch of the older comics so I've read most of them, and a big chunk of the books. I enjoy the academia that is written about Buffy as well as Spuffy fanfiction, although sometimes I feel a twinge for the Bangel relationship(what can I say, David Boreanaz was my first crush, at age 11). I love to try my hand at making Buffy graphics and it's always a constant work in progress. My favorite part of the Buffyverse has to be the music, I have over 100 songs that are background music, OMWF, etc. I try to collect as much Buffy merch as I can, so I'm always scouring eBay in search of something elusive and exciting.

                Thanks for the welcome!


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                  Welcome to BF Erica! Nice to have you with us!
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                    Hi Erica! Welcome
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