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  • Hello and Sign the petition!!

    What's up people?!

    Long time Watcher first time poster. I'll be here on a consistent basis as this seems to be the best Buffy thread around. Main interest right now is in the Season Eight comic book. Not sure if there's an ongoing thread for that?

    I also frequent:

    Deviant Art:
    Comics Price Guide:
    And the MySpace is:

    Hit me up and I hit you back.

    And here's the petition to get Buffy Animated back into production. Loeb, Whedon, several of Buffy's original writers and cast members are signed on to do it!

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    Welcome to BF B-man !!!!!!!!!! We actually do have a specific part of the boards dedicated to the season 8 comics. If you go into the Buffy section, at the top it has another sub-section that says Season 8.
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      Hey, welcome here

      Have a great time posting.


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        Welcome to Buffy Forums Have fun

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          Hi and welcome. We've met on two or three threads already.
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            Hello and welcome to BF! Glad you found your way here.

            Please check out our posting rules and guidelines and our FAQ. Thank you.

            Happy posting!