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  • Hello people

    Hi everyone...

    I noticed what happened to BW too and re-registered here (and there again as well, but it seems my account isn't active there).

    I'm glad there is this new place to keep in touch with you all, but I'm so heartbroken to see the place I spent these last 4 years of my life on fade away like that

    A big hug to you all


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    Hey Flavio! How are you? Long time, no see! Glad you found your way here!
    I know the feeling about BW, we are all heartbroken about what happened...but luckily, we have this place! Hope to see you around a little more!

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      Hey Flavio!

      So glad you found your way here! It's good to have you here! We are all heartbroken about BW but we are working very hard in trying to build up this new place here and make it even better than BW. I hope you will stick around!


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        Welcome to BF. We are all upset about BW.
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          Welcome to the forum, Flavio. Good to see you here.
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            Hey Flavio Welcome to our new home
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              Hey Flavio! I feel the same! like I broke up with my long-time relationship

              Welcome here babe!


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                Hey Flavio! I'm glad that you found your way over here! Hope you've been doing okay!

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                  Welcome to the Forum Flavio!!! Rome was one of my VERY favorite places to visit!! I was awestruck!!!

                  Have fun here!!
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