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  • Hello =)

    For some reason, I never mustered up enough courage to post here when I discovered it earlier in the year, so I've been a big lurker.

    Some of my favorite fandoms are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Smallville, Supernatural, and I guess a bunch of other random stuff.
    I hope I can actually be active here eventually.

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    Hey welcome to the forums!

    It's not a scary place at all we've got a bunch of really friendly people here that love to chat!

    And you'll def fit in, along with Btvs and Ats there's also a big fanbase for 'Supernatural' that would love to have you and there's a few SV fans on the board as well

    Have fun posting!

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      Hi HeroSplinter!

      Don't be scared and just start posting, it's a very open forum.


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        Welcome to BF HeroSplinter!!!!!!!!!!!

        If you don't want to post in the main areas ie, Buffy, Angel, Supernatural etc just yet; then just try posting in the Games section or some other miscellaneous thread. That way there's no pressure about writing something great, you can just rattle stuff off and no one will give you any trouble.
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          Hey ya!

          Welcome in here!
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            Hey HeroSplinter! ( The name!!!) Welcome to Buffy Forums! Have fun!

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              Thanks a bunch for the welcomes!

              Originally posted by Ahm Shere View Post
              Hey HeroSplinter! ( The name!!!) Welcome to Buffy Forums! Have fun!
              I'm glad you like my username, haha. Pretty random choice in my opinion.


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                Wecome HeroSplinter!! You Big Lurker, you! I favorite all your favorites too!! Hope you have a great time posting - jump right in and have FUN!
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                  Hello and welcome to BF! Glad you found your way here.

                  Please check out our posting rules and guidelines and our FAQ. Thank you.

                  Happy posting!