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  • -waves- Hey there!

    Hiya, guys. I'm Rachel, but I go by Icy around the internets. I have an insane amount of love for the whole Whedonverse. =] My favorite Buffy character is Anya, with Tara running a close second. I also like tennis (a lot), and I don't like Algebra 2. Well, er, that's a little taste of moi. I hope to make plenty of new friends on this forum! <3

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    Never met anyone who liked algebra.

    Hi, and have a nice time here.
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      So many new people this week! Welcome to BF Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun posting on all things Buffy.
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        HEY!!! Welcome to BF!!
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          Algebra's not that bad. What I really hated was Products and factors. I kept on stuffing those up. Look forward to them/Empathise with me

          x's and 0's to any new Tara fans they seem to be lacking!

          Welcome Icy
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            Welcome Rachel

            Have a great time here

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