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Hey y'all!

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  • Hey y'all!

    I'm Allison and I've been a fan of the Whedonverse for less than a year.

    I began watching Ats first around November of last year and I truly love it. I have probably watched the series about four times in less than a year. I still haven't seen all of Buffy yet...but I am working on it! Things just don't cooperate, but I am working on it. I'm in the middle of season three right now. It's a slow process. I mean, I've only been working on watching the series since January.

    I'm also a little bit of a fan artist, but my muse has died as of late.

    So there's my long winded introduction, and I hope to have a little fun and stick around.

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    Well better later then never! Welcome to the Whedonverse! We are a super bunch of people!

    And great to hear you are a fanartist! We need fresh blood so I hope your muse hits you soon!

    Oh I'm Travis and I just hope you enjoy your posting time here!


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      Welcome to BF Allison!!!!!!!! Season 3's awesome. You'll enjoy the rest of the seasons when you get there as well. Have fun posting.
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        Thanks for the welcome both of you! My muse is slowly returning, so I'll probably be posting some fanart soon.

        And yes, Season Three of Buffy is really great, so far.


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          Welcome to the madness that is Whedonverse. Where you become part of it, you will never be the same again. But seriously hello and welcome
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            Welcome to Whedonverse and BF!
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              Season three is my favourite season of Btvs ever, I wish I could watch it for the first time all over again

              Very interesting you started with Ats first though! It's usually the other way around, very cool! Have a lot fun!

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                Hello and welcome to BF! Glad you found your way here.

                Please check out our posting rules and guidelines and our FAQ. Thank you.

                Happy posting!