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  • Greetings Jossmunity, "community" but with Joss thrown in. Yeah, that was stretching. My apologies.

    What's up everybody? I'm an old-school Buffy fan. Been watching since Season 5, and I just started re-watching the whole show again (for the 4th time). Thus, I was inspired to sign up here.

    I used to be a frequent member of the old BuffyBB back when it still existed, under the name "CreepingDeath". I wrote some fanfiction, heck, I won some fanfiction contests...but I don't like to brag. Who am I kidding? I love to brag!

    Anyway, this has become a tangent and I don't feel it's tangent-worthy. So, "hey!"
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    Originally posted by bknick View Post, "community" but with Joss thrown in. Yeah, that was stretching. My apologies.

    So lame, it's awesome. Glad to have an old Buffy fan make their way back around. Hope you have a lot of fun.

    Anyway, make sure to read our posting guidelines and if you have any questions, just ask either in here or by private message.

    See ya around!

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      Welcome to BF bknick!!!!!!!!!! Have fun posting.
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        Welcome! Awesome opening post.

        (set made by Francy for me)


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          Hi, Welcome here ... I hope that I'll see you around here.


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            Hey there. Love the avatar, Mal is always awesome. Hope to see you round. More posters is always a good thing.