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Hello All. OLD Buffy Fan here.

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  • Hello All. OLD Buffy Fan here.

    I was a fan of Buffy back when the show was new, when the bronze (the official buffy forum) was THE place to chat. I ran a chat group called The Vamps Well of Souls. I doubt if any are around now who would remember it, that was a long time ago.

    Lately I've been longing to get back into the Buffy loop. I miss the show and I miss the friendships I had with so many fellow Buffy fans. I'm also a fan of Supernatural, though for the past year I haven't been able to watch any tv. We have cable but my roommates are usually using the tv so I don't get to watch much.

    I hope I will make some new friends here, and possibly find a few of my old ones. I'm glad to see that the Buffy fandom hasn't died out. I am happy to have found this forum. I look forward to getting to know you all.

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    Welcome Wills, hope you enjoy it here


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      Welcome back. Hell their's even new blood around like say me. I only saw buffy at christmas.
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        Welcome here Wills

        Have a great time posting.


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          Welcome to BF Wills!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great time posting!
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            Welcome - looking forward to your contributions!
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              Glad to see an old school fan and a new SN fan! I'm sure you'll fit in well here!

              Please check out the Posting Guidelines at the top of each section. If you have any questions just post in here or send a pm to me or another moderator. We're here to help!

              Look forward to seeing you around!

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                Hi Wills! Welcome to Buffy Forums!! You probably welcomed me over at the Bronze when I went looking for somewhere to obscess about Buffy!! So you are VERY WELCOME here!!

                Hope you have a great time posting!! (Would love to know about your group "Vamps Well of Souls"!! Sounds like something I would like! Maybe it's time to dust off the topic!)
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                  Hey welcome to the forums

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                    Welcome to the forum. Have fun!



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                      Welcome to BF- see you around
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                        Hello and welcome to BF! Glad you found your way here!


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                          Wow. Thanks very much for the warm welcome! I didn't expect this many people to respond.

                          I'm glad I found this place. I'll start looking for some topics to reply to.