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  • You're Scary. I'm Scarier!

    Hey everyone! First of all I would like to start off by saying I know this is a very late introduction, but I hadn't even known about this until a few days ago!

    Anyways, I joined about a month or so ago and I must say the Forum is fantastic! It's great to meet so many other Buffy and Angel fans. I'm sure most of you have already seen my posts and some of my entries. Again, I know this is late but I wanted to be able to get to know everyone even better. You guys have all been fantastic so far and all of you have so much to offer to the disscussions. You're all amazing! From the first day I joined I was so impressed by everyone's fanart, thoughts, and just their friendliness. I know I chose the right forum to come to!

    Some things about me are: well I obviously like everything to do with the Whedonverse, I'm addicted to watching Buffy and Angel ( I have been since 2001). The first episode I ever saw was ''The Gift'' and I knew I needed more. My favourite books are the Twilight series and did I mention anything to do with the Whedonverse!

    I know I will have a great time getting to know all of you and for a last time I will say you have all been amazing! You guys are what make Buffy Forums the best Buffy Forum out there! Now that I have made an official introduction, I hope I'll see everyone around the Forum,

    TheChosen (or Michael)

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    Hi Michael!!

    May I be the first (in this thread) to officially welcome you to BF!!

    It's been great to have you here on the board - I've enjoyed your posts and discussions!

    WOW! Your first Buffy episode was The Gift? What an episode to begin your Fan Love!!

    One of the great things that makes this board fun is other great Buffy Fans like you! Again - glad to have you with us!! Keep the Buffy Love goin'!!
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      Well a late WELCOME TO THE BOARDS Michael!!!!!!!!!! Your posts have been great so far. Keep up the good work.
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        Hello and welcome to BF.

        Ha you probably have been here longer than I have!

        I agree holy_stacy and poet. Good posts. And I'd enjoy seeing you around sometime
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          Hey welcome

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            hey Michael!!!!!!!!! Welcome
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              Hey, Michael!!!!!!!

              Welcome to our home, now your home also.

              BuffyForm loves you!
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