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  • Better Late Than Never

    Well I'm a bit late starting this thread because i joined about a week ago (i think) but i figure better late than never. I kept meaning to say hello but got caught up in posting a bit lol so i guess most of you have seen me about on the forum already.

    I'm 25, live in the UK, have a tendency to ramble and like cheese.

    Buffy is my all time favourite show but i also love My So Called Life, Angel, Supernatural, Firefly, Heroes, Ghost Whisperer, 4400, Bones, Due South and Quantum Leap.

    I'm currently an adminastrator on two other forums (one for buffy and one for amber benson) so i dont know how reguarly i will be posting on here but will try and pop in at least once a week.

    Not really sure what else to say. It's been fun chatting with all of you so far and im looking forward to talking with you more in the future.
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    Welcome to BF Ginny!!!!!!! Hope you've been having a blast posting so far.
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      Welcome to BF, Ginny!
      I love My So-Called Life too!!
      If you need any help, feel free to ask me.
      Willow & Tara= LOVE.
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        Hey Ginny, welcome here and I hope that we will see you around.


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          Amber Benson I like your tastes!

          I love her. If you can please keep me updated on related info I would be grateful.

          Anyway welcome to BF if you have any queries would could ask anyone. Everybody's pretty friendly here.
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            Originally posted by Ginny View Post

            I'm 25, live in the UK, have a tendency to ramble and like cheese.
            OMG! Another cheese fan?!!! WELCOME!!!

            Glad you've been enjoying it here and hope to see around more!

            Lydia made the punch!


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              Originally posted by Ehlwyen View Post
              OMG! Another cheese fan?!!! WELCOME!!!
              Haha, we can count on you to point out the important details. Cheese FTW! Welcome Ginny!
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