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  • Hello All!

    Hi I'm Brittny. I'm new to Buffy online fandom. I didn't come here from BuffyWorld. Since that's the main forum maybe I should register there instead?

    Anyway I came here on a Smallville search and thought hey, I read the comics sporadically, it might be fun to talk and read about them.

    My friend introduced me to Buffy during one of it's later seasons. Season 6 I think. So while I watched Spike as a ghost and stuff about the very first Slayer I was watching Seasons 1, 2 and 3 on DVD at the same time. Thus I'm very scattered when it comes to the story as a whole.

    I've seen enough to know that I ADORE Willow. I ADORED Willow/Oz. Buffy is awesome if rather annoying as a person. I'm not a Buffy shipper. Joss Whedon is hilarious and endlessly creative. I want to marry Xander, eye or no eye. And lots of other things.

    Since I found Buffy after I was out of my teens... I'm more into Angel than Buffy... but I still love the show and I look forward to hanging out here more often and talking about all things Buffy and Joss!
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    Welcome to the forum! You can't register at Buffyworld...there isn't a forum there anymore.
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      Hi Brittny!! Weclome to Buffy Forums!! Glad to have you with us!
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        Welcome to BF Brittny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup BF is no longer just a temporary site to Buffyworld anymore. That site went down and this has been our new home for over a year now. Anyhoo, have a great time posting on all things Buffy.
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          Hey, Welcome to BF. Hope u have fun Posting


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            I love your name and avatar. Willow's one of my favorite characters. But like you I prefer angel to buffy. Anyway have fun posting see you round!
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              Hey welcome to the forums

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