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Hey, im kiki88!!

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  • Hey, im kiki88!!

    Hey, im kiki88 although my actual first name is Keith,

    I am a 20 year old film and tv extra actor from Wokingham, I love my acting!

    I am a very big fan of Buffy although I must admit I first started watching Buffy just because I liked Sarah Michelle Gellar, but I soon got into the programme and I really love it now.

    I also like the programme Angel as well although I prefer Buffy!

    I look forward to getting to know u all!

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    Welcome to BF Keith!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a blast posting on all things Buffy.
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      Hey there Keith,

      Welcome here and have fun.


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        Hiya Keith, Hope to see you around soon. *Unofficial Games ambassador to the Forum*


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          Hi Keith! Welcome to Buffyforums!!

          That's really great you're an extra! I've been interested in that sort of thing since one of my GF's daughters has been doing quite a bit out of Atlanta, GA. Anything we've seen you in?? (Which for the USA would be Torchwood or Dr WHO!! LOL!!)

          Have fun posting around the board!!
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            Eee! Another Brit! Welcome to the forum love. Hope you'll have a fun time posting here.

            You'll have to tell us which shows you've managed to get work on.


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              I have been in the film 'The Golden Compass', the film 'National Treasures: Book of Secrets' and tv's 'Silent Witness', I have also just done filming for the next Harry Potter film.