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  • yo

    I guess I should post here since I just registered. I just recently watched Buffy for the first time and enjoyed it, and whenever I like something I get something of an obsession, so I found this forum. I'm slowly watching Angel, but it'll be a while before I'm finished. And I may not finish, because I've thought of Angel as my least favorite main character in Buffy from the beginning.

    At any rate, what's up.

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    Welcome Rexx. Hope u have fun here. Well Even if u dont like "Angel" the last season is the best so if u can get there u wont be disappointed.


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      Hi Rex. Trust me you don't want to miss out on Ats. Angel really develops as a character. You might end up liking him after all.

      Anyway, Welcome to BF
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        Hi! Rexx Raul.

        Too bad that you don't like Angel, I guess that Ats must be awful when you don't like the main character. But it's getting better in the end, season 5 (the last season) starts very bad but the end blows all the other ends away. And season 2, 3 and 4 are amazing as well. So, if you have the power to go on, go on until the bitter end.

        sorry ...
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          Hey Rexx Paul, welcome to BF!!!!!!
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            Thanks guys. It's Rexx Raul, but still. I'll probably end up watching all of Ats. So far, in the first season, it's been okay. I enjoy the Elisabeth Rohm character.


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              Welcome to BF Rexx Raul!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't worry, having an obsession on Buffy isn't an odd thing here. None of us will judge ya. I'm not one that likes Ats either so you're not alone in that category. Have a great time posting!
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