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  • And I finally join

    Ok, apparently I did join when the forum first went down but I've forgot about that. I didn't bother logging in or anything lately when the forum was down for ages, just waiting for it to come back, but since my account is gone now, I thought now would be a good time to join in again.

    So hey to everyone again Is there any way that we can get out VIP status restored over here though? I really don't want to have to get 500 posts again.

    Oh, my name is David by the way just 'cos you guys have probably forgot
    Go ahead, call it a coccoon crash

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    Hey David, welcome to Buffy Forums, our new home!
    Tell Nikki, she'll restore your vip status here, like she did for everyone who was a vip on BW!

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      Welcome to the forum, David.
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        Welcome to the forum, David! Glad you found your way here!


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          Glad that you made it back David!

          Hmm...I don't think we lost any memberships. I bet what happened is you signed up at the OTHER temporary forum Nikki made in early January when it first started going down. That was just a quickie one and she chose this one because it was vbulletin and put it up in February!

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            Hey again guys. I don't know. I lost track of the temp forums I signed up to. I'm glad I've found this one now though.
            Go ahead, call it a coccoon crash


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              Glad that you found your way back

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                Welcome back Arasa...Arshm..Harashma...David! (hehe, the username is excellent)
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                  Welcome to the board David!! This is a great place!! Hope you have just as much fun!
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                    Hey David Glad you found your way here
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