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  • Newbie here

    I just found this site and am happy to join. I hope to find many wonderful people here who love Buffy TVS and Angel shows. I am just beginning to write some fan fiction. I adore Spike so be warned I am slanted toward him.

    I live in TX and am divorced so happily. I have two basenjis-Max and Athena. Found Buffy in reruns. Real life had me busy so I never saw the first run series. I think Joss Whedon is the MAN. I own the box sets of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly. Can't wait for Dollhouse to begin.

    I follow James Marsters' career because I adore Spike, but love James. Doesn't matter to me if he is playing Spike, Capt. John, Ted Bundy, Buzz Aldrin or just playing in my dreams.

    So that is a bit about me. I'm willing to answer questions about just about anything. I am open about most things. I am a Leo so I do tend to roar at times.

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    HI Kuda. Hope u have fun here at BF's


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      Welcome to the forum! Mmmmmmm, Spike...

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        Hey Kudagirl, welcome! see you around
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          Hi, kudagirl !! Welcome to the forum
          I'm kind of new here too, I just joined a couple of months ago. Hope you have fun.
          And I'm right there with you in your love for James Marsters
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            Thanks for the welcome. Feeling my way around. I am impressed reading the posts here. They are so well thought out and backed up with information about the series. They get sort of deep sometimes.


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              Welcome to BF kudagirl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you're having a great time posting so far. See ya around.
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                Welcome to BF
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                  I Kuda, you seem like a firecracker, I love you already.
                  Welcome to BF and if you have any questions PM me!!
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                    Oh BTW Another Spike fan YAY ME!