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Long time Buffyfan, First time member

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  • Long time Buffyfan, First time member

    Hey, hey, everyone!

    Well, I've known about the Buffyforums for a long time...back to when it was part of Buffyworld. Than again, I might have joined, but never ended up using my account. I was mainly using Buffyworld back then for the screencaps.

    Anyways, time to seize the moment. After just opening my new and improved fanart site and knowing that there are some mucho excellent challenges here to keep me on my toes, I decided to go ahead and join. Can't wait to get in on some of the great challenges I was already peeking in on.

    I've been a Buffy fan since it was a movie, and followed it to the series. I also became and Angel and Firefly addict due to my love for Joss Whedon. I can say with confidence that the man is a god!

    Um...can't really think of anything else to say at the moment about myself. Feel free to ask any questions you might have. See ya all around the boards!


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    Welcome to BF Erin!!!!!!! The fanart section is phenominal here so you'll be in good company over on that side of the board. Have a great time posting.
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      Welcome, and to echo holypotatoes, the fanart community is awesome here.


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          Hey Erin!

          Great you found your way here! Love to see you finally join our fanart community. I hope you have fun!


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            Thanks for all the kind welcomes, guys. I'm slowly making my way around, and looking to be entering some of the challenges soon. I figured the best way to make some new walls is by getting some inspiration from some of the challenges. Hehe.



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              Welcome to BuffyForums!

              Okay, questions: Favourite Buffy season? Favourite Angel season? Favourite character?

              (set made by Francy for me)


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                Good questions Enisy

                Welcome to Buffy Forums
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                  Welcome to the Forums, Im the official Unofficial Games Greeter Stop by if u ever get bored with the fanart.


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                    welcome to BF!!!!!!!
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                      Welcome to BF, Erin! Have fun!

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