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  • Morning all!


    I'm Elly! I'm 19 and I'm from Brighton, UK, but living in Winchester for uni (the city where Joss Whedon went to school - Winchester College!) I've been looking for somewhere to discuss Buffy for bloody ages - all my 'real life' friends pretty much think I'm the biggest loser ever for taking as much of an interest in Buffy as I do - I mean, I buy books like "What Would Buffy Do? The Vampire Slayer As A Spiritual Guide".

    I pretty much live my life by Buffy. Every situation I find myself in, I can compare it to something that's happened in the show - without exceptions. I've had some pretty serious personal issues and the only thing that's really kept me going is to think 'Buffy didn't give up' - it's been like my mantra. I don't think the people I know can really understand this deep attachment I have to the show and I've been aching for somewhere that I can discuss all these things seriously, without being made fun of!

    Anyway, that's me! See you all in the thick of the forum

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    Welcome to BF Elly!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think all of us here have the Buffy addiction thing going for us so no one will think you're a loser here. Have a great time posting about all things Buffy. See ya around the forum.
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      Hi Retro! Wecome to Buffy! This is a great place to discuss our Buffy obscessions!! Just enjoy yourself!!
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        Welcome Retrograde! I got very excited when I went to visit Winchester for that reason!

        Also love Brighton though. Nice place

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          Hello and welcome to BuffyForums, Elly! Glad you found your way here!

          Please check out our posting rules and guidelines at the top of each section and our FAQ. Thank you.

          Looking forward to your posts!


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            Hey welcome

            I also love Brighton, very nice place indeed

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              Welcome Elly

              Have a nice time here.


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                Welcome! Look forward to chatting with you!


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                  welcome to BF Elly! Happy to see Buffyfans here and don't even think that you're a loser!
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                    Hello and welcome to BF
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