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  • I am Back!

    Hello my fellow Buffy and Angel fans! After an eternity of being Webless/Netless/Offline I have returned to you! (ok it might not have been an eternity but 8mths+ is pretty close don't you think!)

    I feel like I have been stuck in a hell dimension! lol

    So I thought I would pop in and say a big HIYA to you all.
    I will be back in a bit after I have emptied my email box! So should be back in oh about a week!


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    Welcome to BF Oldone!!!!!!!! Have a great time posting. See ya around.
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      Welcome to BF
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        Welcome back, Oldone! I just got back myself, though I have only been gone about a month.
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            Thanks guys, I spent a lot of time reading through last night. still not quite caught up but getting there!
            My email account had 7492 unread emails! It took almost 3 hours for them all to come in! Aaagh.
            good to be back though.


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              Welcome to Buffyforums!

              OMG I don't know how you managed to survive without any internet for 8 months. I think I might have shriveled up and turned to dust!

              Make sure to have fun looking around, read the rules before posting, and feel free to ask me or any moderators if you have questions. I hope you have a great time diving back into the net!

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