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  • Oi!

    Hey there. Been a Buffy fan since Season 2, went to a Con in LA around that time with Nicholas Brendan and James Marsters as the guests. Watched Buffy all the way through, but didn't watch much Angel until after Buffy was over. Caught up and saw Angel through morning re-runs, etc. Saw Seasons 4 and 5 and then - it was all over.

    My wife got me the first 10-11 issues of Buffy Season 8 for Christmas and I just got the first three Angel: After the Fall comics. Really enjoying Joss revisiting the Buffyverse.

    Well, looking forward to posting alot more and learning more about one (or two) of the best shows in television history.

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    Great to see another fan catching up on Buffy season 8 and Ats: After the Fall. I'll look foward to hearing your thoughts on the new stories as we get them

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      Welcome to BF motterman!!!!!!!! Have a great time posting. See ya around the forum.
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        Hey motterman! Glad to have you here sharing the sweet Buffy goodness!!

        Besure to check out all the threads referring to the comics - both Season 8 Buffy and Angel: After the Fall. We have some great dicussions!

        Again - welcome aboard!
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          Welcome to the forum!
          I hope you find it as much fun as I do.
          I'm loving your avatar.
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            Welcome to the board! Have fun posting here .



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              Welcome to BF !
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