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  • The Introduction

    OK, well I joined yesterday and posted a funny, witty, brilliant introduction-post. Sadly this got lost due to server issues over night, so now I have to start again. Blow me if I can remember wot-I-wrote.

    Anyhow, I started watching Buffy from the first showing on BBC2, and got utterly, completely hooked when Spike showed up. I loved the development of the characters, the growing and changing relationships, the dealing of harsh realities.

    I'm grateful to find a forum still dedicated to the Whedon around - thriving, and full of great people - who can spell, type and discuss my favourite subjects logically, with wit and intelligence. Thank you!

    The world is doomed!

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    Welcome to the forum Aquaesulis!

    My name is Tye and I will be looking forward to seeing some of your posts about the forum! Yay for another BBC 2 Buffy watcher lol.. Again nice to the forum and feel free to pm me if you need help, or just for a chat.

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      Hiya and welcome! Glad to have you here, don't be shy!


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        Welcome to BF
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          Hey, welcome here

          A Wesley fan?


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            Welcome to BF aquaesulis!!!! Sorry about your post getting deleted. I think we were all shocked when that was happening. We didn't know what was going on. I can say that that never happens here, BF is always a very reliable website. Have a great time posting. See you around the forum.
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              Welcome! Why does your username seem so familiar? Hmm... you didn't do the Cambridge Latin books at school did you by any chance?

              Anyway, welcome to the forums. And yes, our spelling is excellent (Which is obviously a cue for me to spell something wrong in the next sentence).

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                Hey welcome to the forums

                Shame about your post, don't worry it doesn't happen to often, or at all really, that was an exception

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                  Originally posted by Nina View Post
                  Hey, welcome here

                  A Wesley fan?

                  It's that obvious already??!! Due to getting Sky at the right time, I saw Wesley on AtS before BtVS - so my introduction to the character was in leather. After that I just thoroughly enjoyed watching the development of his character, and AD's acting.

                  Wolfie Gilmore: I'm afraid not. It's simply the original name for where I live (that is recorded - we don't know what the Bronze & Iron Age name was. Historic eh!)
                  The world is doomed!


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                    Hello and welcome to BF! Glad you found your way here!

                    Please check out the posting rules and guidelines at the top of each section and our FAQ. Thank you.

                    Happy posting!