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  • New Gurl will post 1000 words

    That may or may not be true. Still, I have made up my mind that all my postings will have at a low of one thousand (1000) words per postings. Yes, I know that it will become lame and tiring with the amount of words. But, I just like to play it safe and with one thousand (1000) or more or more words that should keep me out of the doghouse.

    Still, I am thinking how I can keep this level of writing total nonsense because sometimes you do not need to have over one thousand words to get the message clear. Still, I will try and try I will to keep up with the merit of the rules and keep it much longer. Yes, this may not count with the post count it is still says within the rules to keep it longer than a simple sentence.

    The point with the rule is this, the rules does not say as I have now read them that the sentence can be a single sentence with areas that have post counting or without post counting. Therefore in my judgment, it is unclear if having the sentence be a simple sentence with a non post count is legal or illegal. Since I want to be on the safe side, I will just keep on talking.

    Do you know that part of Star Trek with Captain Picard was talking about that person that keep on talking with long and unbroken sentences. Well, maybe that is what I should be doing. If I keep it long and try to keep it on the same focus it will work well with me. Darn, I am still under three (300) hundred words and I said I was going to make sure to talk over one thousand words. Hey, that last sentence I just hit over three hundred and one (301) words and it is starting to add up.

    Think think I must, I will get more and more ideas with talking. Ahh yes, the reason I joined this message board. Well it look like it was a very fun place. Ya, I still think of it as a fun place to come and post stuff. Well, I am thinking and I would say yes I should be making a post like on one a day. Think about it, it does take a great deal of time to keep on talking about something without people starting to feel what is going on with all the talking. Gee, staring to get closer to five hundred (500) words. Darn, this is going to take some time.

    Oh yes, anyone like Faith the Slayer. Ya, that is the reason that I joined this message board as I really like to find people that have the same interest that I have. Well, it has been years since the show was cancelled and ya we are all starting to get older. Boy, think about it we started to watch the show as we were growing up as children or with a few that were much older.

    Is that interesting, we are all starting to get older and the characters of the show is starting to look the same age year after year. Think it is the fact there looks keep the same decade after decade. The character Buffy starts to stays the same age and we all start to get older and older. Will not be long that the fans of the show will get their grey hairs and start to show their age: that is cool as we have reruns so we can recall our youths.
    All fudge, Microsoft word says that last sentence is a sentence fragment. All fudge, oh well I am not going back and correct that as I am still making sure there are plenty of words to keep this topic going.

    Thinking of going to the stove and get me a cup of coffee. I do like my coffee hot and like it black. Oh yes, I love black coffee and I love to have them in glass mugs. There is something with me and glass as I just love drinking coffee in glass mugs. Sure, I will run off and start to get that some other time as I still got to think of something.

    Hey now, I am almost close to one thousand words. Woot, that is a woot and ya maybe I should add woot to my oh what is it. Oh well, lets see. My fingers are starting to hurt with all this pointless typing that you guys are all reading. Man oh man, I am sure going to follow the rules and not post a sentence that say something. Yes sir rey bob I will not do that again.

    Ya you can say I take a simple warning and start to blow it out of shape. Well, the rules are the rule and we have to follow the rules so we are not breaking the rules. I hope you get the just of that. Anyway, getting closer to the goal. Hope you guys are not thinking to yourself what is she talking about. Oh well, were all most done.

    Hey, anyone thinking of spring. Darn it is cold outside and I am inside and wanting to stay warm as it is so cold outside. Gee, soon it will be summer and we can do stuff again. Well, I love summers as they are long and hot outside. Love the heat as that is so much better than being in a house and when you go out it is bone chilling cold.

    Thinking about cold and snow, I never seen snow in any of the shows of Buffy. Is it me or the place Buffy hangs out at never has snow. Nobody is outside with a coat on even when it is dark outside. Maybe vampires hate to make snowmen. Well, maybe vampires just hate the cold. Well, this is so lame. Oh, I am over one thousand (1000) words hope you do not think of this as spam.