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  • Yowza! New member!

    Hi everyone

    I've been a Buffy fan since I was at uni (1997/8) and watched it right up until the start of the final season for reasons out of my control. Which is a bit sad since I didn't see the end, but good in that I still have it to look forward to! I started watching the DVDs from season 1 a couple of weeks ago and I'm at the beginning of season 2 now. It will be good to re-watch the entire series, it will bring back the memories.

    This looks like a great forum and I look forward to discussing this fantastic show with you all. I'm really surprised it's not more popular though. Buffy was a massive hit and I'm a regular at the main X-Files fan forum and it's teeming with nearly 2000 active members and (sometimes too serious) discussions. Compared with about 200 active members here. Is this the most popular Buffy forum out there? Or is it still new and getting started? It certainly looks the best and most organised of the few I ran across whilst searching.

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    Hey Fox. Welcome to BF

    The site is still building as it was set up by the lovely Nikki to replace and older and very tempremental site. You'll find a good mix of refugees from back then and new members though and the level of discussion on the boards is usually excellent.

    Anyway have fun and see you around.

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      Hello Fox and welcome- we are still growing but BF is definitely the best Buffy forum. Nikki, our moderator and general site goddess is actually on regularly-which means when things come up they can get dealt with right away. And like Tangent mentioned a lot of us came over from an older site that just kept failing. I'm sure you will find the kind of discussions that you are looking for here. Be careful and stick to early season threads though if you don't want to get spoilers. Ooh and when you finish season seven check out the season eight comics.
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        Welcome to BF Fox!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a fantastic time posting and remember not to read the spoilers. You don't want the shock value ruined for you.
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          Welcome Fox!

          Heres hoping that you have loads of fun on the forums!
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            Hey Fox Welcome to Buffy Forums.

            Yeah, the site started up in January or February once our older and bigger forum crashed multiple times and then got destroyed. Then, Nikki took us and got a new forum for us all and now it's growing but a lot of the members just transfered over. Nikki is also working on the main page, so she can add info about the show


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              Hi Fox. Nice to see u Here. Enjoy the Forum.


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                I've not say 'hi' yet. So, hi! Have a nice time here.


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                  *waves frantically*

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                    Welcome to BF!

                    As others have said, awesomly awesome Nikki sat up this forum after BW crashed.
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                      Hey Foxy!!!

                      Welcome to our humble forum... We are glad to have you with us and look forward to your discussions!!

                      IMO regarding the popularity - I would also point out that some of the characters and 'ships of Buffy have their own Forums around the 'Net. Some of those are more popular because of folks wanting to focus on their particular characters or 'ships. (Spike/James Marsters/Spuffy)

                      But this is by far one of the BEST forums to talk about EVERYTHING Buffy-related!!
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