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  • Good Morning Sunshine!

    Hi, I'm new here (I probably had an account a while back but it was, most likely, abandoned.)
    I like Buffy and Angel. Other shows I love are The Mighty Boosh, Heroes, The Simple Life, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Mock the week and the OC.
    I am also a committed vegetarian and a huge Russell Brand fan.
    So, um hi! Ask any questions you want about me...
    "I'm drowning in footwear"
    "i think it feels better on the other side
    cause their grass is green and your grass is diseased
    every day drowns in lethargy but to be content is to burn way"

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    *takes Belle's steak off the grill*

    Hehe... you said 'buzzcocks', so I like you already. Welcome to BuffyForums!
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      Proly shouldnt admit it but I too love the OC but anyways Thanks for joining BF Hope u have fun here. Come check out the Games Section next Time u are on.


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        Hello and welcome to Buffy Forums! Glad you found your way here.

        Please check out our posting rules and guidelines at the top of each section and our FAQ! Thank you.

        Happy posting!


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          Welcome to BF LaBelleEtLaBete!!!!!!! Have a great time posting on all things Buffy.
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            Wecome to Buffy Forum LaBelle!! Glad to have you here for the mixin' and the minglin'!! Have FUN posting!!!
            "At that point I'd love a fight and a heart to heart and then of course naughtiness and happy ever after."
            - Dorian's Kitten re: Spuffy Reunion

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              Buzzcocks! We were just discussing Bill Bailey the other day actually....welcome anyway

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                Welcome to BF!
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                  Hey wlecome to BF hope you have fun!!!
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