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  • Hello!

    just saying Hi! New here

    I'm actually not totally through with Buffy or Angel yet, I'm on Season 5 of Buffy and Season 2 of Angel, but I thought I'd join anyways.

  • #2 will have to avoid spoilers, I suppose, but we are all glad to have you here no matter how far behind you are.
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      Hi, hope you have fun here. I?m sure you?re gonna love the rest of the seasons.


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        Welcome to BF Cami!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, please don't read the spoilers. It'll ruin how great the show is if you already know what's going to happen, takes the punch away. It is great to have another Buffy fan here though.
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          Hey Cami nice to have another Fan Here. Please Join us in the Games Section when U get on Next. We could always use fresh Opinion and fresh Idea's


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            Welcome, Cami! I'm sure you'll love it here! And I agree with everyone elswe, get through the seasons and beware on the boards because discussion of the shows in miniscule detail is everywhere. The shows have been off for so long, spoiler tags are not required anymore.

            Be sure to read and follow the posting rules, so your fabulously fun time is not ruined by icky warnings!

            Again, welcome! Have a great time - most members are very friendly and fun!


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              Thanks guys!

              oh and I am now totally finished with Buffy and I'm on Season 4 of Angel!


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                Hello and welcome to Buffy Forums! Glad you found your way here.

                Please check out our posting rules and guidelines at the top of each section and our FAQ! Thank you.

                Happy posting!