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Hey, I'm Nina and new here.

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  • Hey, I'm Nina and new here.

    A little introduction,

    I'm Nina and I'm a longtime fan and sometimes I need to talk about my series. And since the most dutch Buffy forums are a little dead ... I went looking for another Buffy forum. And here I am.

    I've to warn for my crappy grammar. I know that I should speak en write correct English since I've finished highschool but I am really bad with grammar (not just English).

    Anyway ... I hope that I'll have a great time here.

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    I hope you have a great time too. Are you reading the season 8 comics? Welcome to the forum. Don't worry too much about your grammar. Mine's atrocious and I've been speaking English my whole life.


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      Welcome, Nina. I don't think anyone will be bothered much by your grammar. You're pretty good.

      It's a good idea to read the forum rules. Have fun!
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        Thank you both for the welcome.
        And I will read the rules.


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          Thank you for the wet Sarah avatar, too Excellent choice
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            Welcome to BF Nina!!!!!!!!!! Have a fantastic time posting. Sorry that your other forums have been dead lately. It's always pretty lively around here so have fun. You'll soon realize there are some great people here on BF!
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              Welcome to BF. Have fun posting!
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                Welcome! Really liking your contributions to the threads so far, even if we disagree on some things.

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                  Yes, nice avi

                  Welcome, Nina! I know you'll add great insights to the forum! I've read some of your posts and it's great! Your grammer's not bad, either


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                    Heeeeeeey Ni-na!!

                    Glad to have you on the forum!!! This is a GREAT place to obscess over Buffy!! Have FUN!!
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                      Thank you all for the welcome. (Nice emoticons BTW)

                      I will try to be a nice add to the forum.


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                        Hello and welcome to BF, Nina! Glad you found your way here and to see you posting!

                        Thank you for reading the rules, it will make your time here much more enjoyable!

                        See you around!


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                          I just saw the question of Vampire in Rug, I don't know why I didn't see it before. But anyway, I don't read the comics. I follow what is happening in season 8. But I don't read the comics. But I love the art..
                          Last edited by Nina; 17-11-07, 10:57 PM. Reason: My grammar ...


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                            Hi there Nina! Nice to see you! Have fun!
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                              Hey welcome to the forums

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                                Hey.. !!!

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