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    How do I delete my account? I've desided I belong to way to many forums and I don't have time to commit. Any help is appreciated!
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    - James Marsters

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    I actually don't think you can do it yourself on this vBUll board. I could be wrong but I didn't see an option for it.

    If you want this account deleted, just PM Nikki and she can do that for you.
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      If you belong to too many forums and don't want to come here anymore you could just stop visiting here and not use your account. I don't see any real need to have it deleted. That way you can still post occasionally, even if it's years down the track. Also I just gave you some rep points to speed up the "spreading around" process for me


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        Sorry I don't delete accounts on this forum, it messes up the sections where you have posted and started threads. Just don't come online and your account will become inactive after 3 months. If you decide to come back, logging in will re-activate it.