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  • What about Buffyworld

    Okay, I just got in Buffyforums and I'm feeling like a refugee.

    So a question to the moderators: Is this going to be the new Buffyworld or will the old place be fixed anytimes soon. Buffy world has been offline for quite some time and if its good to go, some of the threads are inaccessible.

    I don't want to sound like I'm whining, God knows you guys are putting a lot of time and energy to give us a great forum, but some of us would just want to know if buffyforums is going to be the new CP; and if not, is buffyworld gonna be fixed - this time, permanently?

    Personally I like this Buffyforums its a new start AND IT DOESN'T CRASH... so far.

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    Hi Julian, check out this thread for a lack of answers .
    My understanding is that it's a work in progress. It's nice here all the same, so don't let your refugee status stop you from posting! Welcome and enjoy!


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      The honest answer, Julian, is that we don't know what is happening with Buffyworld We all hope that the forum can be repaired permanently, as it is a wonderful place, and we've all invested a huge amount of time and effort into building up the community there. But the only person able to resolve whatever the problem is is the owner, Mark, who has proved uncommunicative in the extreme. This forum was set up to provide a refuge for us all during downtime, and we are all hugely grateful to Nikki for it

      As for how things work out in the future, we just don't know, and have to play it by ear. But for however long BW remains unstable, it is a relief to know that a new community can be established here


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        Thanks guys. I just want to say thanks for the response. BF could probably be as good as BW but I don't care, it beats having no forum at all. The time spent on the latter is frustrating as hell though.