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    Thanks to Lyn for posting about respect. Things have been getting a bit heated certainly!

    I had a thought about her point re the Boiler Room - might it be possible for a mod to move threads that get heated to the boiler room (on request from thread posters perhaps, so they don't have to watching all the time for heated debateness!)? I've noticed that when you restart a topic in another place, the momentum of the debate tends to be lost, so the baby (interesting discussion) can get thrown out with the bathwater (people being mean or angry).

    Might this be possible?

    -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --


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      You're welcome Lou!

      We definitely consider moving a thread to the Boiler Room in the most extreme cases or when requested. But for the most part we're willing to let members moderate themselves.

      You are allowed to touch on heated topics in the regular threads. It's just when those topics become the focus rather than the original topic of the thread, that's when a new thread should be created. And yes, it slows the conversation down when it splits off. But when people are getting emotionally charged about an issue that's actually not a bad thing.

      Some people are more passionate about arguing issues. Others just want to talk about the television show. So it doesn't feel fair for a thread to be sent off to the boiler room where posts don't count just because some posters want to debate upon a heated topic.

      Lydia made the punch!


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        That's a good point about the post counts. Hmm... maybe people just trying to behave better is the best solution.

        -- Robofrakkinawesome BANNER BY FRANCY --