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Why cant i have a banner or avatar ?

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  • Why cant i have a banner or avatar ?

    Hey i keep trying to have a banner and a avatar and it wont let me... i heard it had something to do with reputation points or something like that.. ?... could you please tell me how i can get a banner and avatar...

    as i was planning on having a go at creating my own using photoshop

    So could you also tell me what size they have to be please thanks

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    On Buffyforums you can only have a banner as a VIP member. You get into VIP status after making 250+ posts, before that you are restricted to avatars. There's a restriction as to how big the filesize of the avatar can be (48kb or smaller), so the avatar you tried to upload was probably too big. You need to either size it down or if you lack the proper tools you can ask for someone to do it for you HERE.