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  • Poster Of The Year

    I think it would be fun and also a shout out to members who contribute the most to the forum if a Poster Of The Year contest was held. This contest could work by perhaps starting a thread where members get to vote for who they feel deserves the title due to reasons such as activity or what they bring to conversations they are involved in. Then their could be a vote which could be decided upon by either an admin vote or a forum-wide vote.

    Prizes could possibly be banners, or some other incentive that the admins think would be a good prize.

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    This has been discussed a bit recently, you'll find all the info thus far here. In a nutshell though, I think the idea is to let the forum grow a few more months, then get this underway.


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      Thanks for the link Vev!

      Yep, we love the idea of recognizing our members. Please check out the link and post any suggestions you have for the Superlatives in there.

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