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Edit Avatar from Quick Links?

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  • Edit Avatar from Quick Links?

    I was wondering if it was possible to get an "Edit Avatar" option in the Quick Links menu at the top of the forum, since there are "Edit Signature/Profile/Options" links under that? I mean, no biggie if it's not!

    (...Just asking because I may or may not be a lazy detective who likes being able to skip going to User CP to edit her sig, and wishes she could do the same for her avatar )
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    haha, I never realized that was there. Then again I don't change my stuff often. In any case, you can always click the "edit options" and click the avatar option from there. Than again that's the same amount of step as just going to user cp.

    Thanks for pointing that out though! I just never even saw that there.
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      O.o, I never noticed that either. Nifty! Though that makes me wonder why I never noticed that before...


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        I've looked into this on the admin pannel and I can't find a way to add avatar changing in there so when I'm next hunting for addins I'll put that on the list! I'll close this thread for now and you'll see the announcement when I next add bits