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  • Images Working....But Not

    You heard me. I just replaced my harddrive a day or so ago, and now my images won't work.

    I went to User CP and clicked "yes" to see avis, signatures, and images but I can't see things like reputation points, smilies, the links above you when you are posting like Bold and Italic, etc. I can't see the reply button or the banner above you either. But, I can see sigs, avis, and things in the fanart forums. What should I do? Is there a button I can press. Do I need some sort of program to see these things because the other sites are fine as are other forums! PLEASE help!

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    I had a similar problem a bit ago...all I did was add 'www' into the url and everything worked fine...hopefully that's all it is...

    Props go out to J.j. though who told me that in the first place.
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      Yeah, JJ mentioned that to me and I tried it, but it didn't work.

      But, it suddenly came back. Must be my computer.


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        Oh my god! Thanks for the thread! I had the same problem too, and it was bugging me like hell. Thanks EndersWrath (and JJ) for the info! Off to change my bookmarks!

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          Glad someone figured this out I had no idea that www made the difference!!


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            Originally posted by Nikki View Post
            Glad someone figured this out I had no idea that www made the difference!!
            Where have you been? This is old news, girl!

            But have you looked at your control panel? There may be a way to fix that. On mine I know I have a www option thing...that may make a difference. Otherwise, I don' understand why having the www or not should make a difference. It seems odd to me. SO I am thinking there must be a way to fix it.
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