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  • Lack of Film Fanart

    I think maybe the Film Art thread and the Miscellaneous Art thread should be merged. Cause the film thread gets so little hits, and its not really fair for artists to post and have to wait a few months for a reply. I don't think it would get confusing and would let artist who do movie wallpapers get faster feedback and a large selection of feedback then just one or two people a month.

    Just an idea.

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    Well it's had most posts than the Smallville and Bones art threads and only one post less than the Heroes thread. I wouldn't consider merging those into the Misc art thread though. It's nice to try and keep some things separate so can give feedback in specific threads instead of everything in the misc thread.

    If we merge all the lesser active threads into the misc it wouldn't' really be worth having a fanart section, just a misc art thread would do Besides, it's nice to have feedback but it's not the sole reason any of us make art.

    I was thinking about starting a thread we had a while back on BW called the Serious Critique thread. It was where any piece of art could be posted and people would give serious feedback, not the fluffy kind that goes on in the threads though Its for those who want to really learn what's wrong with what they might be doing.


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      Yes. And a lot of these things just need to be felt out first. For example, I just merged the Bones posts into a new thread recently because the fandom seemed to pick up.. If that continues, then great! If not, we can reconsider merging them back into misc.

      I had similar thoughts about the film fanart thread, but I always liked that it stood on its own. And I also merged the Harry Potter thread into about a month or so ago.

      The misc thread is--for lack of a better word--congested enough already because it houses all of the other fandoms not covered in present threads... that don't warrant their own threads. I hate the thought of just clogging it up with more posts. And I say this as the poster with three or four more times the posts in that thread than anyone else! I find most of my fanart already falls in there!

      So, don't think that this has not been considered. We jut don't feel it necessary at the moment. It's just that folks in this forum tend to fanart tv more than film!
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