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    Show love for the forum here and let us know you're lovin' the forum and the party!!!

    Let us know you were here so we can keep a list to remember who joined us for BF's fourth birthday party

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    Happy Birthday, BuffyForums!!! I can't quite believe it's been four years already since our ragtag band of refugees found a new home here, thanks to Nikki


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      Happy 4th Birthday guys! As a newbie, I've gotta say I'm honoured to be here to help you celebrate
      That'll put Marzipan in your pie plate BINGO


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        Happy birthday, BuffyForums, the best forum ever!
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          Happy Birthday to you!
          Happy Birthday to you!
          Happy Birthday dear BuffyForums...
          Happy Birthday to you!

          Our online home is definitely one of a kind, and lucky enough to have so many talented, fun, and wise people. We've created an awesome community, and one that just continues growing. It's been an extremely enjoyable place to visit in my own 4 years here, and I hope will continue to be for many more to come. The friends and experiences I've shared make both my inner-geek and real heart swell.

          *raises imaginary glass* So to all the fabulous memories, members, art, stories, threads, conversations and more that have been shared. This place kicks some serious ass! Cheers!


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            Happy birthday, BuffyForums! It's incredible that it has been 4 years already! Thanks so much to Nikki for giving us a home!


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              Happy birthday, BuffyForums! :celebrate:

              I can't quite believe four years have been and gone. Seems like only yesterday Buffyworld was breaking down on us.

              But we're here and I am glad.

              So party hard, BF!

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                Happy birthday everyone
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                  Wow, it's been four years? Happy birthday, BuffyForums!
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                    Happy birthday us!!

                    And thank you one and all, and especially Nikki, for making this the first place i come to whenever I go online.

                    For four years this has been my home and i count myself very fortunate to have made so many friends and met so many wonderful, talented, wise, warm and witty people who have made my life so much richer

                    We bloody rock you know.
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                      Happy Birthday BF!!! Can't believe it's been four years....doesn't time fly when you are having fun. Seriously this place is amazing and it's al thanks to Nikki, the mods....Cori, Ehlwyen, Jenni Lou, Smth Blue, Rosely, Llywela and the wonderful members of this guys rock.


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                        Happy Birthday BuffyForums!

                        Like everyone else, I can't believe time has passed so quickly either, that four years have gone by already! I'm so glad that Nikki made us a new home after BW crashed, and that this new home has grown and developed to be even better than the original! I've met so many wonderful people here, and I don't know what I'd do without this place to come to to talk shows or are all amazing, and especially the tireless mods!
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                          Happy birthday BF!!! Thanks to Nikki for bringing it to us, and to all the mods for keeping it as enjoyable as ever!!!

                          And a hug to the fantastic community, we are the best!

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                            Happy Birthday BuffyForums!

                            For almost two years you're my first "to go" place (after reading the obligatory boring e-mail).

                            Work is drowning me lately (but I keep checking on you at least ten times a day) so, after another exhausting working Saturday, this beer is for you

                            And many thanks to Nikki, our lovely host

                            And to all members! You often make me smile, laugh or shout at my monitor. Love you all.
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                              Wow, it's already BuffyForums birthday again!? And 4 years!? Wow! Happy birthday! I love this place so much, and it really is my online home. You guys always put a smile on my face and I'm very fortunate to be a part of this wonderful community! Thanks to Nikki and the mods, who are absolutely awesome and keep this place running smoothly. And all the members are amazingIt's been a great four years and let's hope for many more.


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                                Happy 4th birthday, Buffy Forums!! For some reason I could have sworn this place was around much longer... Anyway I'm grateful to have this awesome forum, so I hope Buffy Forums is around for much longer!


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                                  Originally posted by HisMRS View Post
                                  Happy 4th birthday, Buffy Forums!! For some reason I could have sworn this place was around much longer... Anyway I'm grateful to have this awesome forum, so I hope Buffy Forums is around for much longer!
                                  The community has been around a lot longer, that's probably where your confusion lies! We used to live over at BuffyWorld Forums until it started to suffer fatal errors, which was when Nikki set this place up and our community migrated across


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                                    Oh god, it's been four years already? I'm getting old

                                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUFFYFORUMS!

                                    Despite not being the most active of members, this place will always hold a special place in my heart. The crazy and fun time that has been had together with you guys have been awesome.

                                    Here's to (at least) another four years! *cheers*
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                                      Woo happy birthday Buffyforums! I may not visit or talk as much as I'd like to, but it doesn't matter because it's still the best! <3
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                                        I'm here, though not feeling very well. But still here and attemtping celebration