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30. >>> Group 8: Techniques - Colour

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  • 30. >>> Group 8: Techniques - Colour


    Can you believe it?? We've made it to number thirty already!! This night has sure gone quick!!!

    We are now looking at the best use of colour in a wallpaper. Colour can add tone and mood to a piece, have symbolic meaning, or be there to simply pop with its vibrance. Regardless of how it is used, colour can make or break a piece, and these winners sure knew how to 'make' it!!!

    We had an amazing 37 entries in this category, and I am now excited to reveal our top ten (with a tie in there!), our runners up and our honourable mentions...


    AND THE WINNERS ARE............

    Best Use of Colour

    1st Place

    Zugma - Strongest Weakness with 273 points.
    This award was designed by Nina.

    2nd Place

    Jennilou - Smile with 222 points.
    This award was designed by Erin Nicole.

    3rd Place

    JJ - Den of Thieves with 155 points.
    This award was designed by Bre.

    4th Place

    Aureola - Never an Optio with 147 points.
    This award was designed by Jennilou

    5th Place

    Erin Nicole - Summer Lovin' with 136 points.
    This award was designed by Mara.

    6th Place

    Elle - Magic with 135 points.
    This award was designed by Sayjay.

    7th Place

    Nina - Mirror, Mirror with 133 points.
    This award was designed by Sara.

    8th Place

    Amber - Black Magic Woman with 130 points.
    This award was designed by Nina

    Bre - Beat You to Death with 130 points.
    This award was designed by Nina

    9th Place

    Sharonalee - Bad Dream with 115 points.
    This award was designed by WiccaJaz

    10th Place

    Buffylover - Bloody War with 109 points.
    This award was designed by Destiny.

    Runners Up:

    Awards designed by: JJ

    Leca - Katherine with 107 points.

    Sayjay - Chalk Outline with 103 points.

    Clement - Colorblind with 93 points.

    Demetreas - Why Me? with 88 points.

    Destiny - See the World Burn with 88 points.

    Honourable Mentions:

    Awards designed by: Clement

    Sunnywill - Innocent Eyes with 77 points.

    Firecracker - Iron Man with 74 points.


    NEXT STOP ON THIS AFA TOUR: 31. >>> Group 3: Vampire - Character!!
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    Art by Sayjay at Radiance

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    I think I just fell in love with the design of the award wicca jaz made for Sharonalee.

    Congrats to the winners (how many times did I say these words already, my limited English is seriously showing. ) and my personal favorites in this category were Aureola, JJ, Jenni Lou and Zugma. So I'm glad to see they are also the top 4 here. Beautiful work ladies.

    Also thank you sara for my lovely award.
    and her haircut.
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      the awards are just stunning thank you so much for my HM. (thanks clement)

      My top picks were zugma, ben and clement
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        yayyyy colors i love colors all the colors forever and everrrrr!!!! on all the pieces and all the awards!!! (and obviously i love that first place award dearly)!

        Nina, Jenni Lou, Ehlwyen, Zugma and SJ all stood out to me so much here, but it was still so hard to choose since there was so much exemplary work entered! Congrats to all the winners!
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          Oh I love you award Destiny, so gorgeous <3
          Congrats everybody! My favorites were zugma, destiny, ben, elle and jennilou


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            Congrats to all of you! Well-deserved of course And I really LOVE the awards


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              I love looking at everyone's coloring, so this category was heaven for me, lol. Congrats to all the winners!!
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                oh, Nina. Your award is crazy super pretty. The first one. But I adore the RU one too.

                I am so suprised to get #2 you guys. I really am. Thanks!

                Elle, Ben, Bre and Zugma were my faves!
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                  Yay, thanks for my award, so colourful and funny JJ!
                  Congrats to all the winners, shout-outs to Jenni, Amber, JJ, Lyn and Brendan!

                  Love Nina's and Jenni's awards!


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                    OMG Jenni lou! You did a Ming award!!! I love it! So gorgeous! Also shout out to Nina and Sayjay for their beautiful colored awards! Love the petal design JJ!!!

                    Lydia made the punch!


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                      One of the best categories! THANK YOU! And thank you to Nina for the gorgeous award and how awesome that I get to share the space with my Boika Twin! My tops were Firecracker, Lady Manson, Michelle, Zugma and Sharonalee!

                      And sweet gods, J.j., you award.
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                        These awards are just too much! So many pretties!!! I especially love WiccaJaz and SayJay's designs! And of course the lovely design by Mara for my award! Thank you to all who voted! I honestly forgot that I nominated "Summer Lovin" in this category, so I was pleasantly surprise to see it had place! And 5th place even! That seems to be my claimed spot in a lot of categories this year, and I'm honored for the title!

                        I loved seeing the use of color in all of the nominations! Big congrats to all the other winners! Special shout outs to Nina, JJ, Line, Jenni Lou, and Elle! You are all goddesses of color to me!


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                          And Nina steals the show with her award designs Especially the runner ups ones are out of this world amazing. I also loved Sayjay's And my award from JJ, thank you so much!

                          Congrats to all the winners - I'm super happy for Bre, even though she placed a lot higher on my list, it's still nice to see you there Zugma's Strongest Vice was with no doubt my number 1, when you do that Loki/Thor thing, I can never resist Also Jenni Lou, Aureola, JJ and Nina were amazing

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                            Somehow missed this one.
                            Congrats to everybody!
                            And how cool is my award? Thank you, WiccaJaz!


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                              This was such a tough category both to nominate to and to vote, I always struggle with it. And honestly I didn't - again - expect to get the first place. It's not my favorite wallpaper and I felt the colors/idea were not very creative. %) It's very nice to know that people like it! Thank you very much to all who voted!

                              My top picks were Jenni Lou (of course! And I'm happy to see that you got a high placement!), Ehlwyen (I thought the colors in your piece were very surreal and symbolic, and pretty; disappointed that it didn't win ), Leca, Sayjay, Nina and Sharonalee.

                              Nina, your awards rock and i adore mine! Also love Destiny's, Sayjay's and Wicca Jaz's designs.
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