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  • POLL: The Reputation Feature

    The attempt to fix the distortion that happened when we lost the extended reputation unfortunately didn't work.

    The situation we are left with offers three options.
    1. Try to save it - Look to try to salvage the existing reputations
      We can consider applying an adjustment which will reduce the existing reputations to being more fitting to the range of the current reputation system. This will mean manually altering the reputations individually. There is obviously some time investment to this, which we're happy to manage if it is the preferred option. How this would work with the restructuring and whether it would be done first, worked on gradually alongside that (to affect progress less), or even be done afterwards, would need considering. Obviously, as there isn't a way to have this happen in an automated way, some would be adjusted before others.
    2. Start again - Request vBulletin reset the feature
      This means all reputations would go back to zero and be rebuilt up again.
    3. Give it up - Wait for the option to turn the feature off entirely
      vBulletin have said the option to do this is going to be included in the next update to the software.

    Please vote in the poll to indicate your preference so that we can decide what to do next.
    Try to save it
    Start again
    Give it up

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    To be quite honest, I don't see the advantages of having a reputation system.



    • #3
      Give it up or reset it. No time should be invested in retrieving the fool's gold from the Mariana Trench. It is not worth the time of good women!
      i enjoyed it but it is not that important.


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        I did vote for 'Give it up', but a reset works for me as well.


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          I don't really see the need for it personally. But I'm also not against it.


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            For me, I would prefer if this forum has the option to give out rep. I consider the reputation system more of a consideration of gratitude towards a post. I used to give a lot of reputation in the fan art section. And that feeling of receiving reputation was a huge confidence booster also it was a positive thing. It makes the forum unique, and if we don't have it just makes the forum quite bland. IMO.

            So I would be happy with 1 or 2.


            • Stoney
              Stoney commented
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              The whole rep system now links to the likes. So whenever you 'like' a post you give rep and receive it with a like. We'd have to check but I think the likes would stay even if the rep pips were turned off.

            • Brendan
              Brendan commented
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              Stoney IMO rep points are FAR more rewarding than a random like which doesn't lead to anything. No rep bar, no forum awards/achievements and no like count. Slayalive and Buffy boards are more creative in that way.

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            buffylover : IMO rep points are FAR more rewarding than a random like which doesn't lead to anything. No rep bar, no forum awards/achievements and no like count. Slayalive and Buffy boards are more creative in that way.
            I know the support at vBulletin have been talking about developing the rep system more towards an activity/awards based system rather than being attached to subjective responses, but I've no idea if/when that might happen if they do go that way. It's something that could considered but I'm not sure would make as much sense if we don't retain the basic rep system.


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              ALL CAUGHT UP

              All said regarding writers, producers, actors, directors, viewers, readers, etc. are what I remember, my opinions, etc.

              What’s said in this post/comment is what I remember, my opinions, etc.

              AtS = Angel.

              A&F = Angel & Faith

              AtF = After the Fall

              * The idea of giving up the reputation points or even 'starting over' is very concerning. It speaks to the notion that activity is so low on the Board and will remain so that there is no considerable need for reputation points.

              A "like" is simply an easy way to like a post. Reputation is a much bigger deal.

              I almost cannot imagine R______t without a 'reputation' feature. Reputation is never a perfect feature, but it's better having it than not.


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                Okay my updates on this were purged so I'm posting on it again.

                The rep feature has been reset twice now. It was initially starting to fill incredibly fast as people tend to 'like' posts far more readily than they used to give out rep. It also appears that two pips are filling simultaneously, which is clearly a glitch and I'm following this up with vBulletin.

                The only thing we can control and affect is the amount of rep people gain for how long they've been registered and the number of posts they've made. I've increased the parameters of these so that there aren't members who only need to 'like' a very small number of times before it is lighting pips. But consequently this reduces the amount of rep giving power other members award too. So I suspect we may end up in the same position with rep filling fast, just not as fast.

                The bottom line is that we can't control how readily people will 'like' posts and doing so very freely makes its connection to the rep feature dilute the idea of the rep. So it may well be that it is a feature that we do consider needs turning off when the ability to do that becomes available. In the meantime we'll see how this second reset works out.


                • Double Dutchess
                  Double Dutchess commented
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                  Ha ha, I wanted to "like" this post but now I won't

                • Stoney
                  Stoney commented
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                  Yup, it's probably not that exciting a post.