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    Hi Everyone

    As I'm working through the queries and suggestions for the forum that members have given I've got to the question over the latest activity list of threads/posts. I was hoping to get an idea of how people have been finding working with the 'latest activity' tabs, the 'new topics' link and from creating subscriptions to receive notifications about updates to threads they subscribe to?

    Is anyone still feeling that they would benefit from a different automatic listing to look at for the most recent activity? If so, what search criteria is it that you feel would be the most helpful?

    Please provide general feedback on the current options and let me know how you check for new activity from the current facilities, whether you tend to do so logged in or not and what, if anything, you feel would be better.

    Obviously there is a chance that this is going to just come down to subjective preferences, but it may be that several members all would like the same feature and this would then be worthwhile adding to the site links or as a page feature.

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    I use only the new topics feature and nothing else. I don't subscribe to threads or groups because it's simply too complicated for me. I know that it isn't actually complicated but having to push an extra button for each thread I might want to read if it got new posts does not work for me.

    I have no idea what the actual difference between the new activity feature and the new topics feature is.

    What I basically want and need when I log in - and it's the same on every other forum I am going to - is a list of threads that have been newly created while I was last on the forum as well as threads where new posts have been posted while I was last on the forum. The new topics feature work that way. However, the default setting only goes back for 24 hours, or at least it was that way before the update. I know that I can re-set the settings for that but someone who is on here fewer times than I am and doesn't want to dig deep into the technical stuff might be grateful for an easy and self-explanatory way to catch up with everything that has been discussed in the last two weeks or so.



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      From the brief look I've had the links can be set up to be based on any search criteria. So making it so it shows since your last visit is totally possible and is what I think the 'new topics' link does at the moment. I can certainly set it to go back to the beginning of the month, but I think that is date specific and would therefore always go back to Oct 2020 or Jan 2020 etc. I might also be able to alter the default. Of course if it is based on updates since your last visit that wouldn't, for those who visit regularly, result in pages of threads with new posts. I'm not sure this would work for people that don't log in though and it may be that a second general list of activity would be needed for someone looking to browse chronologically. I'll have to experiment a bit in a browser logged out.

      I'll see what others say they use/don't use, thanks for this flow.


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        I'm slowly getting used to using the New Topics function, but I still don't like that I can't use it when I'm not logged in. I also don't like that threads get removed from the New Topics list after you've opened them. What I'd still like to have most is a Recent Activity / What's New page where you can see links to all the new posts in order of recency (without having to be logged in). Basically, what we used to have on the old version of the forum.


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          I'm not sure what is possible for lists when logged out. Some areas of the forum, the groups and specific threads, aren't viewable to non-members. But I would imagine that the search result should just exclude those rather than not work. Again, I'll have to check. But I think having a list that is reactive to your logins, so shows the threads/posts since your last visit and one that shows all threads with recent activity makes some sense. Thanks for your thoughts Double Dutchess.