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    alley box's reaction to Expecting was actually really entertaining. Fair comments about the problematic themes of the episode, the value is in the group elements that you get for me in this, which she clearly appreciated. I think she found the episode more fun than I tend to, but she's right that it does explore Cordelia specifically some too, which I do tend to think past.

    I've never really thought about the hows/whys of the impregnation, it's best left that one. Interesting thoughts about the social depictions in the episode, I think she drew more from it than I've tended to. I've never related it to body horror before either, really interesting comments on that too. She's definitely given me more to think about from this one than I've come away with before which is always good. So I think as a reaction that increased my appreciation it's a hit.

    It'll be interesting to see if she gets behind Cangel when it comes around as she's very much on the friendship appreciation at the moment and that it is not going there. I feel the same really, I wish they'd left it at the 'family' vibe of the group.


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      I didn't watch this reaction as Expecting is a poor episode.

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    Priceless The downside of not skipping any reactions when I'm following someone is probably that I perhaps follow less people. But I've found on more than one occasion that an episode I like less is improved by seeing someone else's response to it. If they draw out intriguing elements and ideas you never noticed or thought of, like alley box did for me with Expecting, it can make watching it more interesting. She didn't even think they were trying to explore the topics especially as she saw it more as a light episode, but the connected ideas and the possibility they played a part in the intent, I really enjoyed hearing her thoughts on.


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      I just caught failwhale's reaction to The Ring -
      He's right it's not an original storyline, but he seemed to enjoy it well enough anyway. Interesting to hear his comments on the first hints of Wes getting a more kick ass side emerging, it's pretty isolated at the moment and a bit of a swing, so understandably he's unsure. Good points on seeing the use of tech instead of the traditional books.


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        I've watched failwhale's Eternity reaction -
        I found his reaction to the potential of Angel's relationship with Rebecca interesting and his reaction through the twists of this was great. I'm not sure whether he believes it was really 'Angelus' and has thought through the element that Angel's soul wasn't literally lost, but I'm pleased he got so much enjoyment from it.