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  • Reacting to Reactions! - BtVS Season 4

    Just like the other threads, this is intended for any/all reaction vids for the fourth season of Buffy.

    Feel free to post your thoughts/recommendations/comments on any reactor's vids on a S4 episode in this thread.

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    Having caught up with alley box's S3 wrap up earlier today I was really keen to see her start S4 of BtVS and have just watched her YouTube reaction for The Freshman -

    I always forget how much I enjoy this episode. I loved her excitement at seeing the new credits and then her reaction after seeing Cordelia was missing from them. Seeing the reverse of the latter with AtS is going to be funny. She relates so much to the college intro. Great comments on the mood conveyed with the camera work. Glad she enjoyed Xander's return. I remember being quite floored by Giles at the start of S4 but it does start to make sense in how adrift he is. I can't agree with her about Willow's hair though. I think she looks adorable at the start of S4.


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      Just caught alley box's YouTube reaction for Living Conditions -

      Her shocked response at the face tear was funny. She enjoying the humour of this episode a lot and it sounds as if the direction really aided that for her. I was surprised how much she liked Kathy to be honest. Interesting point made about Kathy's situation being an incident of a demon being given a sense of humanity.

      Definitely going to be some disappointment with where things go with Oz, even though it isn't where any of her ideas wandered. I'm hopeful that she's developing more of a liking for Xander.

      The impression I've been getting of her feeling initially more distanced from AtS and not connecting with it appears fair as it sounded like that has been emphasised to her in her response to this episode after seeing a couple of Angel eps. It's early days with that though.


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        When it comes to Angel I suspect she'll go the way of many a youtube reactor and that is like the early to middle seasons but then dislike/loos interest the rest. It's like "We Watch Whedon" (or whatever the hell they like to call the channel these days) where they really, really don't like the Lilah/Wes sex scenes.

        Come to think of it they pretty much hate ANY scenes with sexual overtones. They're gonna get far.


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          I'm not sure with alley box. I think she really likes the humour and friendships of BtVS so she might struggle with S6 especially and will warm to AtS more when there is the best Wes/Gunn/Cordelia vibes.

          EDIT: I've just been checking where failwhale34 has actually watched up to and he's at the same point in S4...

          The Freshman -
          Living Conditions -


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            I caught the first of failwhale's BtVS S4 reactions last night with The Freshman. Having seen both the first two AtS reactions from him I'm only behind on Living Conditions so I'll soon have caught up.

            What was most enjoyable about his reaction to The Freshman was how much he's thinking through how Buffy's feeling and connecting to the college side of it all. I'm really pleased to see some building Xander love too. You really get the emphasis to the crossing theme between the two shows of adjusting to new settings as he's gauging the new set up and tone for BtVS and AtS at the moment. Are you still watching any of his reactions flow ?


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              I saw that failwhale34 had posted for Harsh Light of Day now too. So I've caught up with Living Conditions and HLOD.

              Living Conditions was a fair reaction. He found it amusing enough, even though it was over the top at some points, and he appreciated the further exploration of settling in to college. Interesting that he is clearly putting a lot of weight onto them finding a new footing with the changed setting.

              The Harsh Light of Day reaction was more interesting. But then it's a far better episode. The continuation of the college freedom and developing relationships worked well enough for him with the three relationships examined here. It's interesting to think of the choice to give Angel the ring being somewhat influenced by the bad experience with Parker (if I understood him right). Not sure about that, but I can see why the negative experience with her attempt to move on could make her look back on her previous relationship that had genuinely shared emotions more intensely and increase the wish to reach out.

              I do agree that Parker's character was played well. He's a total git, but his character is a very believable one too.

              I'm glad that it felt a stronger episode for him. And I'm going straight over to the AtS thread as I went on to watch his reaction to In the Dark too.


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                Stoney Did you drop Liam Duke reactions? I still have to watch s4 Alley Box.


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                  Originally posted by redtent View Post
                  Stoney Did you drop Liam Duke reactions? I still have to watch s4 Alley Box.
                  No I didn't drop him, I've paused on his and van's, but I want to go back to them. Everything just got a little crazy after Christmas with the migration and the site restructuring starting, so I'm not managing a lot of reactions at the moment or bigger posts (I still haven't read/responded to the Showtime review yet ). I just thought I'd try to keep up to date with alley box and failwhale as they are currently posting. But I will definitely go back to Liam and van's reactions and continue them. I had started a S1 thread too and started watching ASR as they had been a popular reactor. I'll try to return to those too as soon as I can.


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                    Ah, great. I love reading you reacting to reactions.
                    Beside Alley, I'm currently watching Liam Duke and he is is slooowly approaching the end of s7. His pauses between episodes are getting longer and sometimes I forget that he didn't finish s7 yet.


                    • Stoney
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                      The circle of watching never ceases to amuse me as we watch each other watch the people that watch the show. It's hilarious and I've found is great fun to get actively submerged into.

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                      Yes he has just 3 episodes left in terms of Buffy Thankfully, he hasn't been spoiled on anything yet (well, other than Wesley's death in S5 of Angel)

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                    I've just noticed alley box has reacted to HLOD -, hopefully I'll get to watch it later.


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                      Yeah I watched that yesterday. What is it with the younger generation and light sexual content? Are we living in population of prudes?


                      • Priceless
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                        Yes. Studies have shown young people 18 - 24 are having much less sex than previous generations. It's suggested that most live their lives through their phones, not in person.

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                      Silver1 I noticed this too. Some reactors are so uncomfortable with sexy scenes. It's like they lived in a monastery most of their lives.
                      Last edited by redtent; 05-03-21, 05:39 PM.


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                        How depressing. I'm so fed up with reactors making eww' faces evey time something sexual happens. They act like their ten or something.


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                          So I saw alley box's reaction to HLOD. She had some interesting thoughts about the potential around the commandos, some ideas on the money there.

                          Her surprise at seeing Spike was really funny, clearly didn't clock JM's name at the start. A lot of love for Dru and disappointment she wasn't in it too. Considering how she views Spike as being an unsettling factor for Buffy, it'll be really interesting to see how she responds to his character's position being so drastically altered in this season. She's expecting he might follow the ring to LA so will probably enjoy the tied episode next over in AtS first anyway.

                          I have to say I don't think she was being prudish during the reaction. She was pleased enough for Buffy and was hoping for the best with Parker before he showed his true colours. Anya's behaviour and uncertainty in how to build on a relationship with Xander is uncomfortable for both of them and her reaction there just fitted the tone between them I think and it does tie with both Harmony and Buffy being used and the reflections across the three relationships. That was very much part of the episode, so I think her observations around that were fair.

                          I think she's going to get a lot of satisfaction out of the interactions between Buffy and Parker in Beer Bad. And I'm pleased to see the Xander appreciation continuing.


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                            Are you still watching any of his reactions flow ?
                            I have wrapped up his reactions to season 3 but skipped The Freshman and Living Conditions. I have watched his reaction to THLOD but I didn't have anything to say about it.

                            I noticed two of his videos on his Buffy channel are blocked at the moment. It is possible he is having copyright infringement issues. I remember POTN struggled with them for a long time.



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                              I was really looking forward to them getting to this. First one there, failwhale with Fear, Itself... -

                              Calling Cordelia an ex demon too, so fitting Xander's 'type'??! Buffy does look good in this ep.

                              Lots of great character moments, some great meaning against their underlying fears. He appreciated the personal and character moments, for Xander especially, which was nice. He talked about the manifestation of their fears but something lacked for him on the Halloween/spookiness side, which is a shame.

                              He seemed to enjoy it but was comparing back and clearly just likes Halloween more in comparison. There was appreciation, but not the love I have for it. Which is fine. I have excess, my cuppeth spilleth over.

                              I'm really looking forward to seeing Liam watch this one. I really need to try to work in some more of his/van's reactions as I'm still way back in S3 with them. Perhaps I'll catch some later today.


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                                alley box - Fear, Itself -
                                Her energy for returning to Buffy is lovely, but I am hoping she gets more in tune with AtS during its first season.

                                She related the vibes of the house to a few other films and enjoyed the use of some classic elements. Appreciation for the theme of fears and being held back by them. She clearly just enjoyed this and the various character elements. She's ready for something bigger to start being built and obviously doesn't know yet which snippets she is seeing are doing that. Although she did note the appearance of the soldiers again and her quick speculation around that was fun to hear.

                                I understand she's a psych major and hasn't met any professors like Maggie, but that doesn't mean there aren't some like that out there, or Maggie being different isn't intentional. Of course, I'm coming from the pov of knowing where the character is going to go and her intensity and control are major characteristics, so I think they just want her to stand out for them. There's so much of the show that's relatable but sometimes your own experiences and expectations can make you unfairly critical I think. How their depiction of the college setting differs from what she knows is making it harder to roll with some elements at first maybe. It'll be interesting to see how she goes on to view Maggie's character as the story builds around her.

                                I noticed that failwhale34 hasn't posted any vids in a couple of weeks on YouTube. I wonder if he's unwell or just taking a break.


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                                  alley box has put up her YouTube for Beer Bad now too -
                                  She talked a bit at the start about how she'd missed the personal manifestations of fear in the last which confused me as I was sure she'd commented on the idea of fear holding them back. She must have just been meaning generally. Hey ho, onwards....

                                  She's hoping for a new character this season and obvs will get that with Riley and he's on her maybe list. Her excitement's so funny when Buffy knocks into him in the bar and she feels she's called it. Very positive feelings for the potential there.

                                  The psych side interests her of course and her relating the consideration of the ID back to her S3 comments on Faith was great. It's an interesting topic and how it applies to Parker and others is a definite pro of the episode, but the story with the beer isn't the best. Looking at it as a fun way to explore the topic, if not brilliantly done, is a fair perspective I think. Funny she's seeing the relatability in seeing Buffy feeling hung up on someone but at the same time doesn't want to have to see her experiencing such things. I understand not wanting to watch the characters have bad experiences but it is big part of what makes us connect to them too.

                                  She's going to be gutted by the Oz developments. Clearly she can see something's building and is fearing he's going to cheat.

                                  It's Angel ep5 in her watching schedule next. I'm hoping she'll like that possibly a bit more than she has been responding to AtS so far, it's a good one.

                                  I had a quick look at failwhale's Patreon page and he has been posting there so presumably is just delaying a little more on the YouTube uploads. I was quite taken aback by the monthly costs he has on there. With how many shows he seems to follow, I assume he's making it his work. Not a bad way of earning some pennies.


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                                    There's a fairly decent chance that Alley Box is actually going to ship it with Buffy and Riley and that her own comments section is going to poop all over her enthusiasm for it, because while Buffy fans make reliable Patrons they also frequently are just there to have their priors validated by the reactor.
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