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    I watched hani namu's reactions to Witch and Teacher's Pet so I can start watching hers and Veronika's side by side now.

    I find the constant switching of her inset against the episode mildly irritating but her reactions are so entertaining I'll just get used to it if she keeps doing that. Her references to Captain America in Witch and Kung Fu Panda in Teacher's Pet amused me. And still her squeee every time Angel appears on screen makes me smile. She loves Willow and the friendships Buffy is building with her and Xander too. She's definitely a fun reactor to watch.


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      I just watched hani namu's and Veronika's reactions to NKABOTFD. I'm really enjoying both of these. I was quite surprised by how irritated they both felt at Owen so I'm going to open a vs thread to gauge what others think.


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        I just watched Thor's reaction to Witch. His comment at the end about liking it when a show mixes the supernatural elements with parallels to real life made me smile. Yep, he's likely to keep enjoying the show.


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          I just watched Veronika's reaction to The Pack - This is the first time I can remember seeing someone dislike this episode. I'm really not sure she is going to get on so well with the show if The Pack in S1 was a bit too much for her. There were elements she liked, so you never know, she might settle into the darker elements and themes.

          Priceless have you watched more of hers? She seems to have got up to Puppet Show about three weeks ago and then stopped.

          hani namu was hilariously defensive of Willow in this and a lot more receptive to the episode overall - Entertaining reaction, I do enjoy her style.


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            She's upto Season 2 Reptile Boy on Patreon, so yes she is continuing as far as I can tell.

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            Ah, I'm glad she hasn't ditched it. It'll be fascinating to see if she eases into the darker notes as they are always there in the themes. Her response to Giles' past especially will be intriguing.