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Fun Post-Series game! Choose a cast for the further adventures of Buffy & Angel

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  • Fun Post-Series game! Choose a cast for the further adventures of Buffy & Angel

    Supposing that we see the comics as canon, let's pretend that Angel once again starts a detective agency to help the helpless.

    Let's also say that Buffy becomes quickly disenchanted with police work and starts a guardian angel Slayer force of her own.

    We know the cast members who are still alive - if not in the comics. Buffy, Willow, Xander, Dawn, Giles, Angel, Faith, Spike, Andrew, Wood, Riley and Sam, Oz, Amy, Drusilla, Ethan Rayne, Lorne, many of the Slayers from the series and comics, many of Angel and Spike's ATF buddies, plus Giles' relatives. There are even characters who have passed away - yet in the Buffyverse always seem to come back to life.

    So if you were rebooting the series after Season 12, who would you place on either Buffy or Angel's team? Who would you bring back from a Hell dimension to join each gang? Assuming that certain characters could crossover from one team to another (like Spike did in the series), who would you have as crossover bait from one series to another?

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    Well I loved the Season 7 gang, who largely became the Season 9-12 gang too (with visitors at different points). So, I think they are well established as a working group and would keep Buffy, Willow, Xander, Dawn, Spike and Giles in Buffy's team, definitely. I think you could add in Andrew and it could be interesting to have Riley and Sam appearing too. Faith should always be a visitor/regular add on, but she has such rich history with both teams she is the most obvious for crossovers. I'd have her predominantly on Angel's team though.

    Angel's team is hard to imagine without Wes. I think Angel and Faith could be helped by Alasdair Coames again (from A&F S9). As a mage and demon expert he can supply some of the academic needs. But I think it would be too repetitive of the Scoobies' dynamic for him to be a constant, they'd perhaps just consult him. Or maybe Connor could work with Oz and Alasdair as a side team that works with Angel & Faith. Gunn could float between the two and Lorne could always reappear.

    I'm not certain where to place Andrew. He's more obvious as an add on to Buffy's team, but there are a lot in there already. I'd quite like to see how he and Giles could develop alongside each other though. And yet, I'd also like to see how positively Lorne could impact Andrew as well. There's potential there on either team. Other characters like Dru and Wood could turn up at either. I'd actually like to see Wood, Angel and Gunn interact.

    There are so many really excellent characters, I'd definitely be wanting people to reappear and call by, even if they weren't regulars.


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      I would love to see this happen!

      Buffy's show would be Buffy, Spike, Dawn, Willow, Kennedy and Xander, plus assorted newly turned slayers.

      Angel's show would have Angel, Frillyria, Gunn, Giles, Connor and Faith, plus assorted newly turned slayers. Eventually I'd like to see Frillyria separated somehow.

      All the other characters would appear for episodes or arcs, but these would be the main casts.


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        I'd say Dawn and Xander are pretty much occupied with their ordinary life. Dawn wants to graduate, Xander has is busy with running his business and they have little Joy on top of it. So, they'd be more or less recurring guest stars.

        i also think Giles has grown apart from Buffy (or vice versa). I am still not over the fact that he picked Andrew as his successor instead of Buffy or Faith.

        So I'd say Giles and Andrew are based in London and are occasionally in contact with Buffy. They do some research for her and such.

        That leaves Buffy, Spike, and Willow. I also want to have Faith on Buffy's team because I think she is awesome. I can see how she would also be a good choice for team Angel but I really want her at Buffy's side. I kinda want Willow happy, so I think maybe the snake demon (what's her name?) could cross dimensions and become a member of the Scooby gang.

        Last not least, I really love Ethan Rayne. So, let's say he didn't die in one of the Initiative's holding sells but managed to escape with a really wicked plan that involved magic and chaos. However, he finally realized that he needs to support the white hats because the grey and black hats are after him.

        Finally, I want to have Vi back and that's why she also joins Buffy's team.

        So, that's team Buffy: Buffy, Spike, Faith, Willow, snake lady, Ethan Rayne, Vi.

        Robin and Faith still have an on-and-off relationship, so he is a regular guest on team Buffy.

        Angel gets back together again with Gunn and Lorne and of course Connor. I think Connor is a very underrated character and he really wants to keep in touch with his Dad and to fight the good fight. He also wants to make sure his father does not fall off off the bandwagon again because he knows Angel has a penchant to do so. Connor on the other side really has learned his lesson and wants to stay on the side of good without sacrificing good friends for it.

        I really don't want to see Angel together with Illyria. That was an awful pairing. So Illyria (I am sorry, Lyri) has to stay in the hell dimension. Oz stays with his wife and kids. He'd never get along with Angel. The same goes for Riley and Sam. They stay with the military and can show up every now and then on both teams. However, I think that Angel owes Drusilla. And he finally realizes that as well and takes her in to care for her and help her to become mentally stable and a better person (even without a soul). Dru can manage to stay on animal blood because it's something her Daddy (and Connor, who is her brother and her nephew and her great-grandson) wants her to do. She helps the team although she sometimes goes off the deep and causes a lot of trouble. She is also the one to get visions of people in need of help.

        Amy is another character who is redeemable and she only needs someone to support her on that path. Angel has already worked with her on team Twilight. Angel needs another team member.

        So, team Angel consists of Angel, Gunn, Lorne, Connor, Amy, and Drusilla.


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          flow Oz and Angel have interacted in the past and I think understand each other's more withdrawn sides. I think you've put some destabilising elements on both teams. Saga Vasuki (or Aluwyn, the snake lady) was as I remember felt to be a very ambiguous character, a trickster, so I don't think they'd be wise to trust her. Equally, with Amy and Dru I'm not sure it'd help Angel stay in better touch with his good side. Trusting Dru wouldn't be at all wise I don't think (although I'd like to see her as a reoccurring character). They could make for less predictable storylines perhaps though.

          I really agree with you that Connor is an underrated character as he's one of my favourites and in this scenario I'd love to see him involved in a new team. I'm not sure about Dawn and Xander. You're probably right that there would have to be some family life balance as a factor in there for them that might have them less frequently involved.


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            You are right about having Amy and Drusilla on the same team would be hazardous. I'll drop Amy. She would probably be better as a recurring antagonist anyway. I'll keep Drusilla. You are right that she is a destabilizing element bit that's the fun! I also think Drusilla is Angel's responsibility. Team Angel also needs another female member. I don't want Nina to return because I thought she was a bit bland. Maybe Anne could join them although I don't really see her as a fighter.

            I can really think of no one else. Maybe they'll just meet someone new.

            I agree Buffy's team should by no means trust Aluwyn. I think her moral ambiguity will make for great storytelling possibilities!


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              It could be an interesting storyline to touch on Angel choosing to soul Dru as his way of putting right what he did soulless and having to deal with that. I don't think Dru could be a team member as she is otherwise as they would always be treating her with such distrust, and be right to be doing so. But Amy has made her choices as a souled being and so drawing a line for her between her past and trusting her moving forwards would be harder. I think as reoccurring characters all three, Amy/Dru/Aluwyn, have potential. But I think as fully fledged team members it might not work easily. But then, there's Andrew as an example of them trying to do exactly that without a soul distinction.