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Anyone wonder whatever happened to Phantom Dennis?

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  • Anyone wonder whatever happened to Phantom Dennis?

    I always got a kick out of Phantom Dennis and the way that he attached himself so much to Cordelia and watched over her. He was kinda the 'Clem' of ghosts, always helpful when needed.

    But we never really hear about him again after Season Four. I guess that Angel wasn't about to bring him over to W&H.

    What's your fanon about his fate? Do you think that he's still waiting for Cordelia? Or did the Powers That Be give him a kind of reprieve and release him thanks to all of his good work?

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    I like to think the Powers released his soul and he went to heaven. He certainly deserved it, and without Cordy I don't know if he'd want to hang around. Of course he could also bond with the next person who took over the apartment, but it wouldn't be the same.


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      In Ground State as they're packing up Cordy's things they refer to making it look nice for the landlord showing it so clearly it had stayed a rented property. In Room w/a Vu they talk of cleansing the apartment of the haunting, assuming Maude was staying because she'd been murdered by her son. When of course it was Dennis who was the victim. So the question is whether Dennis was tied to the apartment because of his traumatic death there, or if he'd chosen to stay because Cordelia had helped to set him free and he felt connected to her.

      Fred's outburst in snapping at Dennis that Cordelia wasn't going to be coming back as he tried to keep unpacking her things made me feel like he was connected to the apartment. It would be nice to think that when he accepted she wasn't returning he was able to leave the apartment and have peace, but I think it is more likely he stayed there.

      I have wondered if the group ever returned to let him know when they decided that Cordy was safe and happy where she was. I'd like to think that they'd let Dennis know and I can see Fred thinking of that. Then at least if he was able to move on he could have done if he'd wanted but had been staying for Cordelia. As he wasn't evil I can also see him just living with whomever came to take on the apartment next too though.


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        I've thought about this often I'm pretty apathetic to Dennis usually but it does really sadden me to think that he was left in that apartment and forgotten by the AtS gang. He was so incredibly fond of Cordelia so it's heartbreaking to think he never saw her again after her disappearance in Tomorrow and then turning evil/dying in AtS S4-S5.

        In my head-canon he still haunts the apartment and hopefully took a liking to the new tenant. However, I do like Stoney idea that the only thing still keeping him there was Cordy and that maybe he took this as an opportunity to move on and be at peace.

        Who knows.. maybe Cordy and Dennis got to reunite in the afterlife somehow

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