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  • Crush

    Why did no one dust in Crush? Dru, Harmony and Spike all walked away. Why did Buffy let they survive? Would Spike have dusted Dru for Buffy and why didn't he?

    Not that I'm complaining, I'm happy they all survived

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    Buffy had spared Harmony before. I guess it has something to do with the fact she knew from Sunnydale High.. Also, if you get over the fact that Harmony probably kills a human every other night she was the only one who did nothing wrong in this particular scene. In fact, she even tried to kill Spike.

    It is a bit more complicated why Drusilla gets away. Since she never shows up again in the show or the Buffy comics they could actually have offed her. But I guess the writers wanted to keep themselves the option to bring her back (which they did in season 7 as The First Evil). I can headcanon this only by telling myself Buffy was too exhausted by the previous fight to face Drusilla who after all is a strong vampiress. Or she concluded that Drusilla - who was walking away - was faster than her anyway and there would be no point in chasing her through the sewers.

    As for Spike - he also got away previously and I guess we have to assume that by now Buffy has become too used to him to stake him.

    I actually don't think Spike expected Buffy to give him a crumb. That's why he never planned that far. I don't think he would have let Drusilla kill Buffy either. If Harmony hadn't shown up and Drusilla hadn't gotten loose his whole plan would have imploded in a few more moments.


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      Popular character syndrome. There really isn't any good reason no one killed them.


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        As HardlyThere says, I think it's obviously due to the fact that all 3 characters were popular and the writers didn't want to kill them off. However, in-verse I've always felt Buffy picks and chooses her battles and it's never bothered me as much as it does a lot of fans.

        Dru had just choked her, seriously winded her, and clobbered her over the head with a metal beam. Buffy is coughing and gasping for air as Spike unchains her. Whilst she is able to catch her breath prior to Dru running away, I can only imagine that Buffy would still be regaining her composure and strength and that she wasn't going to go picking a battle with a deadly vampire after making it through a very close call. It's similar to how I feel about Halloween after Buffy lets Spike flee. Yes, she kicked his ass, but she also just came out of another really close call and a disorientating spell. Buffy was fighting from a defensive position and under the circumstances I can appreciate why she'd not want to go on the offensive and chase after him after her ordeal.

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          But seeing as we never see Dru oresebtvday again after this. They could've killed her off

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          She shows up in ATS so they had to keep her alive.

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        I like to think that Harmony was so pathetic that no one had the heart to end her. Which makes it even better that she lasted longer than any of them


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          Yeah, I would agree that Buffy picks her battles. And the mind mess that was Crush for her probably sapped her strength so not to risk a fight to the death.


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            Why would anyone die there? As HardlyThere had mention they are all popular characters, but I think it works a little different here. Even if they had never wanted to use them again, killing Harmony or Dru would be bad for story. Death of popular character is a significant moment that would overshadow theme of episode. And theme of episode was Spike. It was all about him, his story, story his love to Buffy and how this love was changing him. So of course he couldn't die here, it would make this episode completely pointless.

            In universe it could be explained by her picking her battles in case of Dru and Harmony, and by Buffy's moral code in case Spike. I mean if she did refuse to even lie to him to save her life, why would she kill him now? That would be completely OOC.
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              bespangled Nope. That was the Trial/Reunion and Redefinition and all 3 were before Crush, it even says that in the episode with Spike expositioning the Ats plot . She only ever shows up again in Flashbacks in Buffy S7 and Angel S5.

              Basically it was a terrible ending. The writers didn't want to kill either character, so they literally just let Buffy let both of them walk away. Buffy seemed fine she wasn't injured etc.
              For Harmony its even worse in S5 of Angel where Angel even gives her reference


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                Yeah I watched this today on my rewatch . Still one of the more annoying episodes . Drusilla should have been toast . Even if you ignore the train victims , Dru did kill Kendra . The whole gang would have hunted her to the darkest corners of Sunnydale for that alone .


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                  All said regarding writers, producers, actors, directors, viewers, readers, etc. are what I remember, my opinions, etc.

                  * Spike would not have dusted Drusilla for Buffy. It's an open question whether he would even in BtVS S7. Even in the comics, the soonest Buffy/Spike are fully actually boyfriend/girlfriend and actually possibly literally 'forever' is after BtVS S9.

                  * In "Crush" (B 5.14), Drusilla would have killed Buffy were not for Spike's saving Buffy. Buffy considered Spike wouldn't help her try to kill Dru. Buffy in "Something Blue" (B 4.09) is concerned Spike still preferred Dru. And, let's be rational. Buffy doesn't dust Spike in "Crush"; so, why would she dust Dru? Buffy/Spike is the reason Buffy doesn't try to dust Harmony and it's a reason Buffy didn't dust Dru in "Lie to Me" (B 2.07).