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Is the Slayer's 'death wish' depression?

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    All said regarding writers, producers, actors, directors, viewers, readers, etc. are what I remember, my opinions, etc.

    What’s said in this post/comment is what I remember, my opinions, etc.

    AtS = Angel.

    A&F = Angel & Faith

    AtF = After the Fall

    * Spike was tailoring his lesson to Buffy. He sees she's manic-depressive. He sees that she can get very 'down'. He knows her family and friends keep her tied to the world. He knows her boyfriend gives her something to live for.

    He knows things aren't going well with Buffy/Riley.

    * Did Xin Rong (the Chinese Slayer Spike kills during the Boxer Rebellion in 1900 C.E.) want to die? That's unlikely and it doesn't seem Spike actually considers she wanted to die.

    Nikki Wood clearly didn't want to die.

    * Buffy wants Spike to tell her how he killed the Slayers he killed. His first answer is the correct one. "We fought. I won. The end." Spike sought out Xin Rong and kills her in a holy place. Spike sought out Nikki Wood. We don't see if he studied either.

    Buffy wants more information and Spike uses their 'date' as an opportunity to tell Buffy about himself.

    * Spike is correct that Buffy has a death wish. We see her 'giving up' at times such as with Mr. Trick in "Consequences" (B 3.15). Buffy is depressed through much of BtVS. She has happy moments with family and friends; she has happy moments with her boyfriend; but, overall, she's unhappy and unsatisfied with life.

    * Spike wants Buffy to be happy and well-adjusted. He considers she should enjoy slaying. He considers she'd have a happier sex life with him. He probably senses her relationships with Willow and Xander and her love for them aren't as pure and uncomplicated as her love for her mother and Dawn.

    * Spike beats the Slayers because he's simply a superior fighter and he has the advantages of fangs, being immortal, being much harder to kill (outside of sunlight), etc. He simply 'outlasts' Xin Rong. He's simply a better fighter than Nikki. He beats Buffy when he has an advantage: a weapon in "School Hard" (B 2.03), the higher ground in "Out of My MInd" (B 5.04).

    * Do Slayers eventually have a death wish? Maybe. They aren't immortal and their bodies physically age. But Nikki was perhaps the longest living Slayer before Buffy and that's seemingly because she has easier slays than Buffy. The average life span for a Slayer was around 2 years because the Slayer loses at some point. A vampire or demon can have "one good day".

    * Kendra Young didn't have the connections Buffy has. Kendra dies simply because Drusilla Keeble is much more powerful.

    Buffy beats Faith in "Graduation Day Part I" (B 3.21) largely because Faith loves Buffy more than Buffy loves Faith. Buffy and Faith largely get into a standstill in "Revelations" (B 3.07).

    * Spike nonetheless leaves out something very important about Buffy and that's the fact that she has powerful allies who love her. Giles is a competent fighter and a powerful magic user. Buffy had Angel, then Riley, then Spike as fellow 'slayers'. Angel and Spike are powerful magic users. Willow is a very powerful witch. Tara is a powerful witch. Buffy's isn't a lone Slayer. She leads the Scoobies.

    However, one-on-one, a vampire or demon could still kill Buffy.

    * EDIT: Buffy commits suicide in "The Gift" (B 5.22) because Buffy considers death better than living after Dawn had to be sacrificed.

    Buffy no longer has Angel in her life. Riley Finn left town and possibly would never return. Joyce Summers died. Hank Summers has been out of the picture for over a year. And Buffy's relationships with her Scoobies isn't strong enough. And Buffy's compatible romantic choice is now Spike; and Buffy's not ready or willing yet for Buffy/Spike to happen. So, Buffy decides to commit suicide.

    * We know beings can be brought back from 'the dead'. It happens with powerful demon in AtS. Darla is brought back. If canon, Drusilla is brought back from a hell dimension in Spike & Dru: "Paint the Town Red". Joyce Summers is brought back.

    It's interesting that Spike doesn't bring Buffy back. Evidence suggests he could if he actually wanted.
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      Originally posted by MikeB View Post
      * EDIT: Buffy commits suicide in "The Gift" (B 5.22) because Buffy considers death better than living after Dawn had to be sacrificed.
      This is a "did-you-even-watch-the-series" level of counterfactual. Wait, now do Spock

      It's interesting that Spike doesn't bring Buffy back. Evidence suggests he could if he actually wanted.
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        It's been a while since "I reason that Spike cast a spell to trap Acathla and the portal within the mansion." Despite no evidence whatsoever in the episode or a comment from Joss that supports it.