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  • Season 2 highlights

    I enjoyed the couple of responses we got for the S1 thread, so here's the same for S2. Just a few questions to try to pull out season highlights for people.

    **Try to stick to the challenge of choosing just one answer for each.** As before, it doesn't have to be your 'ultimate favourite ever!' you are committing to, just what occurs to you first (or even just to differ from others' answers). I've changed a few from the S1 thread just for variety.

    Choose a favourite scene/moment through the season for
    - The Core Four:
    - For Bangel:

    And a favourite scene/moment for up to three other characters of your choice:
    - Other character 1:
    - Other character 2:
    - Other character 3:

    - Choose your favourite motw:
    - Do you have a favourite comedy moment:
    - What about an emotional moment:
    - What episode do you think is most underrated:
    - Pick a favourite surprising character moment:

    - Favourite set:
    - Favourite fight sequence:

    - Can you get full marks in this quick quiz -

    - And let's end again with your 'top three' episode choices:

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    My favourite season

    Choose a favourite scene/moment through the season for
    - The Core Four: Ooh this was actually hard because most of the scenes that came to mind were more Buffy/Xander/Willow then Core Four. If we're talking about all 4 characters, I actually loved them throughout Inca Mummy Girl (love the shot of them walking away together after Ampata dies) but my favourite scene would probably be them digging up graves in Some Assembly Required. Loved "I'm an old fashioned gal. I believe guys dig up the corpses and women have the babies", Buffy/Willow gossiping about Cordy/Darryl, Buffy shoving Xander and Giles out of the way to open the casket etc.
    - For Bangel: Definitely their final scene in Becoming II. I particularly love the way they cling onto one another and Angel desperately kisses Buffy all over ("Oh Buffy it feels like I haven't seen you in months") whilst she stands there completely overwhelmed by emotion. It really sold me on their love for each other which could've actually been hard to do after the entire Angelus arc. But it's the moment Buffy's eyes widen in terror and realisation as Acathla awakens behind them, the repetition of "close your eyes", and the gut-wrenching moment she impales him and he reaches out her for her confused and betrayed, that gets me. Perfect scene.

    And a favourite scene/moment for up to three other characters of your choice:
    Angelus: "Dream on schoolgirl, your boyfriend is dead. And you're all going to join him" - The hallway scene in Innocence is terrifying and utterly electrifying/captivating. It's probably my favourite 'villain' moment in the entire show from Angel creeping up behind Willow from the shadows, the horrific crack as he tightens his grip on her neck, and the silhouette of his and Buffy's face as he forcefully kisses her. It's capped off with a traumatised Willow muttering "Giles you wouldn't believe him... he came here to kill us" which gives me goosebumps.
    Joyce: I almost picked her tenderly comforting Buffy in Innocence but I'm actually going to go with her confrontation scene with Angel in Passion. Joyce was so brave in that scene despite clearly being afraid and I love her protectiveness - "I'm telling you to stay away from her"
    Buffy: The iconic flashback to her first being called and approached by Merrick in Becoming I. I have always adored the shot as she takes off her jacket and looks around around her before sitting down. It just feels important somehow, like it's the very last time she got to stare out at the world before her life irreversibly changed forever - "I don't have a destiny. I'm destiny free, really"

    - Choose your favourite motw: I am going to go with Ampata. I think she's a very underrated character. She was by far one of the most morally complex MotW's as I do believe she genuinely loved Xander and for the most part didn't relish hurting or killing anybody. And I love the genuine hint of betrayal in her voice when she's confronted by Buffy - "You've been keeping secrets from me too. You're not a regular girl"
    - Do you have a favourite comedy moment: Probably a tossup between Cordy throwing Joyce out of her house in B,B&B ("Make me yack!" "Cordelia go upstairs this is between us" "Oh I think not. You can keep your mom aged mitts off my boyfriend! Former!") or Willow scaring Giles when she walks through the wall in Halloween.
    - What about an emotional moment: Nothing will top the Buffy/Angel scene in Becoming II but Buffy and Willow finding out about Jenny in Passion comes pretty darn close. Willow's sobbing on the phone is the saddest moment in BtVS to me. It just sounds/feels so damn real.
    - What episode do you think is most underrated: Honestly probably Inca Mummy Girl or IOHEFY. I think the former is dismissed as a forgettable MotW episode but I think it's really interesting and I love the various character interactions. IOHEFY is usually considered a good episode but I think the appreciation for it has lessened in fandom over the years whereas about 10 years ago it was considered one of the very best. It's a fascinating episode and incredibly well-written and directed. Ted is also very, very good but appreciation for it seems to be growing.
    - Pick a favourite surprising character moment: Willow looking upwards at the ceiling as the magic takes over her in Becoming II.
    - Favourite set: The library will always be my favourite set but as I already picked it for S1 I am going to go with Angel's original apartment before he loses his soul. I love the art work and the symbolism of the bright red sheets on his bed.
    - Favourite fight sequence: Buffy VS Angel in the 'rain' in Innocence. Brilliant choreography and highly emotional.

    - Can you get full marks in this quick quiz - - 100% although they snuck in a S1 question for some reason lol

    - And let's end again with your 'top three' episode choices: Innocence, Passion, Becoming.

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      Choose a favourite scene/moment through the season for

      - The Core Four:

      Okay this is a little cheaty as it's a wider cast moment too, but I'm going to pick the scene in The Dark Age when Ethan has just tattoo'd Buffy and Giles rushes to try to save her and then Angel/Willow/Xander/Cordelia all arrive and Angel has the fight with Eyghon. Giles had been so ashamed about his past and wanted to hide it but this group accepts and supports each other. Willow's smarts in thinking of the solution is great and how they are all in the same place at the end because of the wish to solve the problem and save Jenny just underlines their strength as a group.

      - For Bangel:
      I'm actually going to go with the scene between them at the end of Halloween. I saw this again recently and I think it is great for just having a moment to show that they are a couple in love. Buffy felt insecure and Angel is looking to boost her confidence about how perfect she is from his pov. It's tender and loving and I really like that they included moments like this and often really like these scenes where there is a comfort between them that feels very natural.

      And a favourite scene/moment for up to three other characters of your choice:

      - Other character 1:

      Angel : I know I used this as my core four scene but I'm using the same moment as a favourite for Angel individually too because he throws himself into something risky with fierce determination and focus, it's a straight up heroic moment.

      - Other character 2:
      Oz : I adore Oz as a character and I love his relationship with Willow. So I'm going to choose Inca Mummy Girl when he first sees Willow in her eskimo outfit and is so captivated and intrigued by her.

      - Other character 3:
      Spike : Well come on, I had to choose a Spike moment! I'm going to go with the killing of the Anointed One. It's just such a perfect moment to illustrate that he can bring the unexpected and there's such energy to it that he's just captivating to watch.

      - Choose your favourite motw:
      Ted might be one of the more 'out there' ideas with the first suggestion of such advanced robotics that we see in the show. The first time I saw it I wasn't at all keen on the episode and I think possibly felt disappointed by the reveal, but on rewatches I just appreciated the performance by John Ritter so much, he acts the character brilliantly. "Beg to differ, little lady" is a well used phrase in our house when we're disagreeing about things. Love it.

      - Do you have a favourite comedy moment:
      I'm going to choose Giles throwing up the cards when Willow walks through the wall. It's so excellently done.
      But because that has been mentioned before too I'm also going to sneak in mentioning another favourite moment from the season that arguably has a comedic note as well as drama, when Buffy shoulders the rocket launcher and tells the Judge, "this is now", it's just a perfect moment.

      - What about an emotional moment:
      The whole sequence from when Giles sees Jenny, goes to face Angel through to that scene between him and Buffy outside the warehouse maintains such an intensity of emotions it is incredible.

      - What episode do you think is most underrated:
      Of the ones that are seen as weaker I would probably agree that Inca Mummy Girl is the one most underrated. But of the ones that actually are quite popular I think the more serious character points of Halloween often get overlooked because of the comedy of the episode. I think what it shows of Xander's insecurities and how his own doubts negatively affect him and hold him back, as we also see with Willow and Buffy too of course, is really excellently done.

      - Pick a favourite surprising character moment:
      I love Willow's outburst at Giles and Angel in Reptile Boy.

      - Favourite set:
      The Library is always a favourite, but for variety I'm going to actually pick the school itself. There are a lot of scenes in this season where you really get a feel for the school itself and the energy of it with all the activity and students milling around (like when Eric is taking the photos and Chris/Willow are talking at the start of Some Assembly, the activity around the drinks machine and sofa area) or you just get a feeling for it generally, like when Angel chases Jenny through the halls.

      - Favourite fight sequence:
      It has to be the final confrontation in Becoming Pt2. I love the sword fight, the spill out into the courtyard and Buffy catching the sword. It's iconic.

      - Can you get full marks in this quick quiz
      Damn it! 90% it was between two on the song and I picked the wrong one.

      - And let's end again with your 'top three' episode choices:
      My top two of S2 are really clear but there is a bunch that could compete for the third place. Today it's going to be Spike's intro episode but Lie to Me, Halloween and Becoming are others I could pick on another day.
      - Passion
      - Innocence
      - School Hard


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        Choose a favourite scene/moment through the season for

        - The Core Four: Surprise

        The 'Round Robin' scene from Surprise.

        It's not a necessary scene - nothing of any real import happens within the scene - but it's exactly why BtVS is different from other shows. It's not just the lampshading, the distinctive character development, the tongue in cheek language, the deconstruction of the horror genre as everyone displays a casual attitude towards a terrifying situation. The scene is fraught with tension as Buffy tries to deal with the potential loss of Angel, the failure of their plan and her troubling Slayer dreams. It's also the last 'normal' moment that Buffy will ever have with her friends and boyfriend without the shadow of Angelus hovering over her - which is the real point of the scene. The constant allusions to a possible sexual relationship between Buffy and Angel foreshadow the end of the episode.

        GILES: They should be back by now.
        WILLOW: Maybe Buffy needed a few minutes to pull herself together. Poor Buffy, on her birthday and everything.
        XANDER: Hmm, it's sad, granted. But let's look at the upside for a moment. I mean, what kind of a future would she've really had with him? She's got 2 jobs -- Denny's waitress by day, Slayer by night -- and Angel's always in front of the TV with a big blood belly, and he's dreamin' of the glory days when Buffy still thought this whole creature of the night routine was a big turn on.
        WILLOW: You've thought way too much about this.
        XANDER: No, no. That's just the beginning. Have I told you the part where I fly into town in my private jet and take Buffy out for prime rib?
        Buffy enters.
        WILLOW: Xander...
        XANDER: And she cries?
        GILES: What happened?
        BUFFY: Dru's guys ambushed us. They got the box.
        GILES: Where's Jenny?
        BUFFY: Uh, she took Angel to get clothing. I, I had some here.
        XANDER: And we needed clothes because...
        BUFFY: We got wet. Giles, what do we know?
        GILES: The more I study the Judge, the less I like him. His touch can literally burn the humanity out of you. A true creature of evil can survive the process. No human ever has.
        XANDER: What's the problem? We send Cordy to fight this guy, and we go for pizza.
        BUFFY: Can this guy be stopped? Without an army?
        GILES: Um, 'no weapon forged can kill him.' Not very encouraging. If we could only stop them from assembling him.
        BUFFY: We need to find his weak spots, and we need to figure out where they'd be keeping him.
        GILES: This could take time.
        WILLOW: Better do a round robin. Xander, you go first.
        BUFFY: Good call.
        Xander heads for the phone.
        GILES: Round robin?
        WILLOW: It's when everybody calls everybody else's mom and tells them they're staying at everyone's house.
        BUFFY: Thus freeing us up for world saveage.
        WILLOW: And all-night keggers! What, only Xander gets to make dumb jokes?
        XANDER: Mom, hi. Xander. Yeah, uh, Willow and I are gonna be studying all night long, so I'm not gonna be coming home....
        Jump cut to the group researching at the table. Xander walks over to Willow at the counter with another open book.
        XANDER: Tsk. I think I read this already.
        WILLOW: I can't get over how cool Oz was about all this.
        XANDER: Gee, I'm over it.
        WILLOW: You're just jealous 'cause you didn't have a date for the party.
        XANDER: No, I sure didn't.
        GILES: Angel? Any luck?
        Angel comes down out of the stacks. Giles sees Buffy asleep in his office and holds up his hand to silence Angel. He follows Giles' gaze into the office.
        GILES: Sh-sh-sh.
        They see Buffy with her head down on the desk.
        GILES: Seems Buffy needed some rest.
        ANGEL: Yeah. She hasn't been sleeping well. Tossing and turning. (they look at him) She told me. Because of her dreams.
        The camera closes in on Buffy and loses its focus as Buffy is lost in a Slayer dream. (Surprise)
        There's something really tender and touching about the way in which Buffy's friends support her here - so willing to help research to defeat the bad guys, so dedicated that they place her needs before their own and so careful not to wake her.

        - For Bangel: Becoming

        This isn't exactly original, but the end of Becoming when Buffy fights Angelus only to have Angel's soul is returned to him right before Buffy must send him to Hell. The scene could have been so overwrought, but the subtle tension and anguish between them is perfect.

        BUFFY: Angel?
        ANGEL: You're hurt.
        She looks down at her wound and feels his gentle touch on her arm before Angel embraces her.
        ANGEL: Oh, Buffy... God.
        Hesitantly, Buffy accepts the hug.
        ANGEL: I... I feel like I haven't seen you in months.
        Buffy closes her eyes and breathes out a deep sigh.
        Angel: Oh, my God, everything's so muddled. I - Oh -
        Angel sighs deeply and kisses Buffy on the shoulder.
        ANGEL: Oh, Buffy -
        Behind him Acathla lets out a low rumble. Buffy opens her eyes and stares in shock as Acathla's face contorts. The swirling vortex to Hell grows steadily in size, emanating a deep, red glow.
        ANGEL: What's happening?
        BUFFY: Shh. Don't worry about it.
        She brushes her fingers over his lips and across his cheek to kiss him softly. He returns the kiss as the vortex grows behind them. Buffy breaks off the kiss and looks deeply into Angel's eyes.
        BUFFY: I love you.
        ANGEL: I love you.
        She touches his lips with her fingers again.
        BUFFY: Close your eyes. (Becoming)
        And a favourite scene/moment for up to three other characters of your choice:

        I'm going to choose scenes between two different characters.

        - Other character 1: Giles and Buffy - Innocence

        The moment in Giles' car in Innocence - an incredible scene of grace and delicacy that made me love Giles.

        GILES: It's not over. I-I-I suppose you know that. He'll come after you, particularly. His profile, uh, well, he... he's likely to strike out at the things that made him the most human.
        BUFFY: You must be so disappointed in me.
        GILES: No. No, no, I'm not.
        BUFFY: But this is all my fault.
        GILES: No. I don't believe it is. Do you want me to wag my finger at you and tell you that you acted rashly? You did. And I can. I know that you loved him. And...he...has proven more than once that he loved you. You couldn't have known what would happen. The coming months are going...are going to be hard, I suspect, on all of us, but...if it's guilt you're looking for, Buffy, I'm not your man. All you will get from me is my support. And my respect. (Innocence)
        - Other character 2: Liam and Darla - Becoming

        Sorry, I'm a sucker for Darla in any season and Liam has insane character development in this tiny little scene. It's funny, haunting and endlessly rewatchable with the marvelous chemistry between the two.

        LIAM: So, I ask myself...what's a lady of your station doing alone in an alley with the reputation that this one has?
        DARLA: Maybe she's lonely.
        LIAM: In that case, I'd offer myself as escort to protect you from harm and to while away the dull hours.
        DARLA: You're very gracious.
        LIAM: Hmm. It's often been said.
        DARLA: Are you certain you're up to the challenge?
        LIAM: Milady, you'll find that with the exception of an honest day's work, there's no challenge I'm not prepared to face.
        He stops and looks into her eyes.
        LIAM: Oh...but you're a pretty thing. Where are you from?
        DARLA: Around. Everywhere.
        LIAM: I never been anywhere myself. Always wanted to see the world, but -
        Darla: I could show you.
        LIAM: Could you, then?
        DARLA: Things you've never seen, never even heard of.
        LIAM: Sounds exciting.
        DARLA: It is. And frightening.
        LIAM: I'm not afraid. Show me. Show me your world.
        DARLA: Close your eyes. (Becoming)
        - Other character 3: Spike and Drusilla - School Hard

        A marvelous character moment for both Spike and Dru - a shocking development as the supposed Big Bad of the season is wiped out early on. I think in many ways, the end of this scene (and episode) set the tone for the remainder of the series. No one and nothing is what it seems.

        DRUSILLA: Spike, did she hurt you?
        SPIKE: It was close, baby, but -
        DRUSILLA: Oh, come here.
        She pulls his head down onto her shoulder and strokes his cheek and neck.
        SPIKE: A Slayer with family and friends. That sure as hell wasn't in the brochure.
        DRUSILLA: You'll kill her, and then we'll have a nice celebration.
        SPIKE: Yeah, a party.
        DRUSILLA: Yeah. With streamers... and songs.
        SPIKE: How's the annoying one?
        DRUSILLA: He doesn't wanna play.
        SPIKE: Figures. Well, suppose I better go make nice.
        Spike kneels before Colin.
        COLIN: You failed.
        SPIKE: I, uh - I offer penance.
        VAMPIRE FLUNKY: Penance?! You should lay down your life! Our numbers are depleted, the feast of St. Vigeous has been *ruined* by your impatience!
        Spike lowers his head
        SPIKE: I was rash, and if I had to do it all over again -
        Spike breaks out in laughter and rises from the floor.
        SPIKE: Who am I kidding? I would do it exactly the same, only I'd do this - first!
        Spike grabs Colin and lifts him off the floor.
        COLIN: No!
        Kicking away the vampire flunky, Spike throws Collin in the nearby cage and pulls on a chain to lift him in the air.
        SPIKE: From now on, we're gonna have a little less ritual - and a little more fun around here.
        Spike gives the chain a final strong pull that lifts the cage into the sunlight of the high window. As Collin screams, a smiling Spike and Drusilla join hands.
        SPIKE: Let's see what's on TV.
        The camera pans up to the empty cage as they exit. (School Hard)
        - Choose your favourite motw:

        Does Ethan Rayne count? The one-two punch of his villainy in Halloween and The Dark Ages makes him a favorite for me. Every time he appears on screen, I get a big smile on my face. He's so deliciously evil and is such a fantastic foil to Giles.

        - Do you have a favourite comedy moment:

        The perfect comedic deadpan moment when Oz witnesses Buffy crashing through a window and dusting a vampire in Surprise:

        WILLOW: Are you okay?
        OZ: Yeah. Hey, did everybody see that guy just turn to dust?
        WILLOW: Uh, well, uh... sort of.
        XANDER: Yep. Vampires are real. A lot of them live in Sunnydale. Willow will fill you in.
        WILLOW: I know it's hard to accept at first.
        OZ: Actually, it explains a *lot*. (Surprise)
        - What about an emotional moment:

        When Giles climbs the stairs, following the rose petals, believing that Jenny is waiting for him. Devastating.

        - What episode do you think is most underrated:

        I Only Have Eyes for You - the marvelous push-me-pull-you of the spell that forces a reversal of roles for Buffy and Angel/Angelus.

        - Pick a favourite surprising character moment:

        Spike in Becoming - where the character shows a remarkably soft spot for human beings.

        With Buffy extolling a world with Happy Meals on Legs:

        BUFFY: What do you want?
        SPIKE: I told you. I want to stop Angel. I want to save the world.
        Spike stifles a laugh.
        BUFFY: Okay. You do remember that you're a vampire, right?
        SPIKE: We like to talk big, vampires do. 'I'm going to destroy the world.' That's just tough guy talk. Strutting around with your friends over a pint of blood. The truth is, I like this world. You've got dog racing, Manchester United. And you've got people. Billions of people walking around like Happy Meals with legs. It's all right here. But then someone comes along with a vision. With a real - passion for destruction. Angel could pull it off. Goodbye, Piccadilly. Farewell, Leicester Bloody Square. You know what I'm saying? (Becoming)
        And sitting in the Summers living room, talking with Joyce like a perfect Victorian gentleman as they discuss their first meeting when she hit him with an axe.

        JOYCE: Have we met?
        SPIKE: Um... you hit me with an axe one time. Remember? Uh, 'get the hell away from my daughter.'
        JOYCE: Oh. So, do you, uh, live here in town? (Becoming)
        - Favourite set:

        Angel's vampire-friendly apartment - so sparse, so elegant, so perfect for the key moment in Surprise/Innocence. A wonderful expression of character.

        - Favourite fight sequence:

        The best fight scene in the entire Buffyverse as far as I'm concerned.

        ANGELUS: Now that's everything, huh? No weapons. No friends. No hope. Take all that away - and what's left?
        Angelus draws the sword back and thrusts it directly at her face. With lightning-fast reflexes, Buffy catches the blade between her hands as she opens her eyes to meet his.
        BUFFY: Me. (Becoming)

        - Can you get full marks in this quick quiz -

        90% - like Stoney, I picked the wrong song!

        - And let's end again with your 'top three' episode choices:

        Becoming (1&2)
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