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Witch - thoughts on the body swap

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  • Witch - thoughts on the body swap

    I was rewatching Witch the other day and was thinking about when exactly Catherine is supposed to have swapped bodies with Amy. We see the first spell being cast straight after Buffy's conversation with Giles about trying out and then we have Amber's hands catching fire at try outs. At the next spell, the one that is used on Cordelia, we can hear that it is Amy's voice talking while preparing the spell. So it is safe to assume that Amy has been Catherine throughout the episode. But does this work well?

    When I first saw the episode I had thought that Catherine had taken over Amy's body part way through out of frustration when she was failing to get into the squad. That Amy was only trying out because Catherine was pushing her to. But I don't think there is doubt that it is Amy's voice on the spell for Cordelia, even though the shooting script still just describes her as 'Witch' at that point which leaves it ambiguous. It could be questionable if she's definitely switched already, but I do think it is Amy's voice.

    Amy's interactions with Willow and Buffy throughout though are very much 'Amy' and perfectly tie to the person who is talking with Buffy at the end. Of course Catherine would be trying to pass as her daughter so would be deliberately mimicking her and she would be frustrated that she can't make Amy's body move as successfully as she did her own. It does make Amy praising her mum's interest in her trying out make more sense too when we hear from Willow that her mum was very strict and Amy liked escaping that in the past. But Catherine's ability to fake being Amy is perhaps a bit too successful. It feels like Catherine was able to 100% play being Amy to hide herself in a way that's perhaps a bit too perfect.

    Is this because we're meeting her after she's been Amy for a while and she's gotten the hang of it that well? Is it believable that even when distressed at failing at the tryouts she manages to respond totally as 'Amy' without any slips? When do you think the swap happened and how well do you think it works against how Amy is played in the earlier half of the episode, before the time we see her go back home with the stolen bracelet and are made to question the truth about her more.

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    Thanks for opening this thread—

    I do not at this moment have time to
    re-watch, respond fully....

    But I have often pondered exactly
    this question, tend to think the swap
    occurs part-way through...

    But when—?

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