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Buzzfeed review based on watching 1x1 and 7x22 and nothing else - it's entertaining!

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  • Buzzfeed review based on watching 1x1 and 7x22 and nothing else - it's entertaining!

    First I thought this must be nonsensical but then I read it anyway and found it to be entertaining. I never thought of the master as Voldemort

    Here is the link to the article. The author knew next to nothing about BtVS and watched only Welcome To The Helllmouth and Chosen:


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    I refuse to read dumb Buzzfeed articles and give them more clicks. Why would anyone think of such a stupid idea?
    You keep waiting for the dust to settle and then you realize it; the dust is your life going on. If happy comes along - that weird unbearable delight that's actual happy - I think you have to grab it while you can. You take what you can get, 'cause it's here, and then...gone.


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      The doors to most high schools stay unlocked all night? Is she serious? In America? Can someone verify this for me please because I'd be amazed if it were true.

      Good to know the Darla bait and switch still works.

      Harry Potter really has achieved world domination. Everything she sees she has to relate back to Harry.

      Actually love that most of her predictions are wrong.

      - First, Buffy and the gang all survive the first vampire attack. The four of them go on to become close friends and fight evil together.

      - The whole "harvest" thing will bring about all kinds of creepy, undead, and weird evil that Buffy will have to defeat.

      - Buffy will be sad she didn't get to have a normal high school life, but she graduates all the same.

      - Xander and Buffy become a thing for a hot second but eventually break up.

      - Buffy doesn't go to college but instead stays in Sunnydale to fight evil.

      - There's a character named Angel that comes in at some point, and I think him and Buffy hook up or something???

      - In the end, Buffy eventually rids the world of evil and vampires.

      I love this - Anyway, Buffy's army is still kicking ass. Honestly, this is kind of iconic because I don't think I've seen this many girls fighting and taking down evil on a!!!!!

      . . . While this show has some SERIOUS '90s vibes, it's not bad! I absolutely see the appeal. I love that it's about girls finding their inner strength, kicking ass, and defeating evil. Out of all the reboots that have happened, I'm surprised that this hasn't been touched yet. I still don't know why Spike and Angel seem like older men compared to Buffy, but I guess people were into it? But also — was there ever a Team Spike or Team Angel like Team Edward/Team Jacob?! LET ME KNOW. . . . As if she doesn't know there are definitely Teams for Spike and Angel, in fact I am sure she knows all the major plot points. But still a fun read, thanks for sharing flow.


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        Buzzfeed Writers Watches only the first and last episodes of Buffy.

        Mildly amusing. She thought Willow was dating Dawn at first ha.

        Stoney EDIT: I've just merged these two threads to combine the comments as they were both on the same Buzzfeed review.


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          Heh, that was a fun read, thanks!


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            Originally posted by TimeTravellingBunny View Post
            I refuse to read dumb Buzzfeed articles and give them more clicks. Why would anyone think of such a stupid idea?
            It explains a lot of their lists.


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              All caught up.

              All said regarding writers, producers, actors, directors, viewers, readers, etc. are what I remember, my opinions, etc.

              * My main thought is the article made me feel old. How young is the writer that she knows almost nothing about Buffy the Vampire Slayer including not knowing Angel is a vampire, not knowing who Spike is, not knowing who Faith is, but knowing who Michelle Trachtenberg is?

              * Second is the article is pretty funny but flawed given the Pilot is actually both "Welcome to the Hellmouth" (B 1.01) and "The Harvest" (B 1.02) given it's a two-parter and aired on the same day.

              * Third is what is wrong with a man who looks 10 years older than the woman he's having sex with. Angel and Spike are vampires on top of that.

              Maybe the author is basing her opinions on Twilight and The Vampire Diaries , in which she may consider it somehow better that Edward Cullen and Stefan Salvatore supposedly look like high schoolers even though they are both over one hundred years old? And she may consider Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore started dating when Elena started to look around Damon's supposed ?human age'?


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                This was a fun read! My favorite bits were referring to Giles as "library guy" , the Harry Pottdid er references , and Spike being Buffy's doppelganger. She didn't predict the final very accurately but she did a good job figuring out characters

                "I like who I am when I'm with him. I like who we are together."